Looking at Five Top Online Meeting Providers

In today’s business world it seems that online meetings have almost completely replaced the old fashioned face to face meetings. It seems to save time, money and resources which all business owners can appreciate. Online meetings take place via electronic channels which have become standard for a lot of companies.

Top Online Meeting Tools

Whiteboards, telephonic conferencing abilities, texting features and video support via the web camera are all top online meeting tools to look for when searching the top online meeting providers. These things will more than likely come standard with some providers but others may not offer them up front. If you want to be able to take full advantage of the process, make sure you search for a provider that offers these tools.

The Five Top Online Meeting Providers


CISCO made number one on the charts as a top online meeting provider. Their WebEx tool is used for not only web meetings but training sessions and IT support. CISCO is able to offer recordings of all meetings and each meeting can support up to twenty-five people at a time. $59.00 per month is all this company charges for their online meeting system but they also offer annual and prepaid plans as well.

Central Desktop

Central Desktop provides team collaboration, document sharing, forums, editing and process status tracking. The cost of these features is only $25.00 per month and the system will run with Java Runtime v1.1 or higher. Instant messaging can also be obtained and it can be integrated with ICQ, Skype, AIM, Yahoo, MSN and Jabber.


DimDim is free to use if you want to hold online meetings for up to twenty people. Their features include a whiteboard, application sharing, desktop sharing, presentations, audio chat, video chat and the ability to record the sessions. A Pro Version of their tools is also offered for $19.00 per month and the meetings can be supported for up to fifty participants at once. Twitter, Orkut or Facebook are all able to be integrated with their software.


Adobe offers Acrobat Connect as a flash based tool and is supported by Mac and Windows. Visual conferencing is held in real time video streaming. A chat capability for up to fifteen people is available as well as a whiteboard and session recordings. This can all be obtained for $39.95 per month.


Citrix offers GoToMeeting as their top online meeting tool. A secure platform offers shared workspaces and desktops and supports up to one thousand participants at a time. $49.00 is all this tool will cost your company. Windows meeting hosts is the only supportive system that GoToMeeting works well with but chat, real time, session recordings, ability to change presenters and share the mouse and keyboard control as well as sharing screens is all available with their product.

Choosing From the Top Online Meeting Providers

No matter which top online meeting provider you choose to take advantage of they all have excellent features and high points. Deciding exactly what your company needs and the amount you wish to spend on the product will be your first step in the right direction.

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