Best Practices for Webinar Marketing

Webinar marketing has come to be a favorite tool for marketing departments in all types of companies across all segments. The webinar has the perception of exclusivity and value, giving prospective clients an “inside look” that will give them the information they need to make their buying decisions.  A few best practices for webinars should […]


Five Tips to Keep your Audience Engaged During Your Webinars

It’s hard enough to keep your audience engaged during a live presentation, the challenge is even greater when the viewer is at his or her desk, and constantly distracted by cell phones, co-workers, and the knowledge that there are donuts in the break room. Here are the five most important tips for keeping the audience […]


Getting the Most from Your Recorded Webinar

Webinars are usually presented as a live event, although you can get further value from the recorded webinar. The live, scheduled webinar does carry the advantage of gauging participation, gathering contact information, and creating an aura of exclusivity. It can also incorporate an interactive element with the addition of audience participation through polls, surveys, or […]


How to Do a Killer Online Demo

A demonstration is an essential component of the sales process. The cost of product demonstrations is obviously high, with venue, travel and other expenditures. It also involves salespeople with adequate knowledge and experience. A bad demonstration can pretty much shoot the sales “Deer” in the head. And while the traditional demo still has a time […]


Key Webinar Features to Make Your Presentation Successful

A webinar is a new coinage in the English language to define a particular kind of web conferencing, and it is based on the word “seminar”. Like a traditional seminar, where one speaker or several speakers address an audience, in the webinar too a speaker or presenter talks to an audience through webinar features. During […]