Getting the Most from Your Recorded Webinar

Webinars are usually presented as a live event, although you can get further value from the recorded webinar. The live, scheduled webinar does carry the advantage of gauging participation, gathering contact information, and creating an aura of exclusivity. It can also incorporate an interactive element with the addition of audience participation through polls, surveys, or interactive chat. However, you can use a recorded webinar to boost your marketing, sales, and customer service materials.

Leverage Your Recorded Webinar Content
It takes alot of effort to produce a quality webinar. Writing the content, lining up speakers, and practice consumes many, many hours. You can maximize the investment with a recorded webinar. The recorded webinar can be archived and used in the future, creating additional value. Today’s webinar features offer the capabilities to create recorded webinars that can be saved for future use, and you can easily look at web conferencing software reviews to find out if they have the necessary feature.

Recorded webinar content can be leveraged across a bigger audience, compiling unique views all the time.  In the case of an educational or instructional recorded webinar, having the recorded webinar also gives the body of users the added value of an on-demand resource that can be referred to for training at any time. New employees for example, could draw on the recorded webinar to get up to speed on topics such as policy and procedure, use of in-house technology, and business processes.

Track Your Recorded Webinar Views
When using a recorded webinar for marketing purposes, it is quite easy to post the recorded webinar on your company web site for easy access. However, merely providing it for download on an open basis is missing an opportunity. The recorded webinar still has value, and should be positioned as such, and can be used to gather contact information. Instead of providing guest downloads, require viewers to “register” to receive access to the recorded webinar, even if the recorded webinar is free of charge. This gives you a much greater opportunity for subsequent follow-up.

In the case of an in-house recorded webinar, which may be used for internal training purposes, registration may not be necessary for the same reasons as a recorded webinar used for marketing, but it still could serve a purpose in terms of keeping track of employee training progress.

Create a Video Portal to Your Recorded Webinar
Better access and greater use of the  recorded webinar can be promoted through establishing a recorded webinar portal within your corporate web site, and this can be useful in either type (marketing or internal) of the webinar. This allows the user to view every available recorded webinar. The user will then not only be able to find the ones they are looking for, but they will also see others that are available. The portal can be used as a way to promote a  specific recorded webinar that introduces users to new products; or in the case of an internal recorded webinar, reinforce a policy or procedure that has become important.

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