How to Market your Online Training Class

Online training classes, Webinars, and tutorials make an excellent way to promote a product or service, gain new customers, and educate existing ones. Internally, online training classes are often used to disseminate information about company policies, welcome new employees, and train staff on how to use internal applications. Whether your online class is for internal […]


Web Conferencing License Models

Licensing for web conferencing services as well as on-premises software has changed considerably, making it much more affordable for any size company. On the lowest end of the scale, several vendors are also offering scaled-down versions targeted at SOHO users and individual consumers. LotusLive from IBM, and ConnectNow from Adobe for example, are both available […]


Top Four Best Practices for Teaching Online

Teaching online, though similar in many ways to a physical classroom, is still a new and unfamiliar space and needs some specific practices to evolve into a rewarding experience for both teacher and student. Teaching online courses has become common not only in corporate instruction, but also in generic training courses and even in mainstream […]


Online Events–An Overview

The world is a much smaller place, thanks to the internet and emerging technologies. Now small companies can participate in global meetings through convenient and cost effective online events. The two main considerations in an online event is the technology, and the content. The technology is typically straightforward, and can be either hosted or on-premises. […]


Are Online Events the Next Best Thing to Trade Shows?

Online events are increasingly replacing physical trade shows because of their cost effectiveness and convenience. Trade shows can be a costly affair with different companies trying to put up the most attractive booth, and the competition can get fierce. Online Events–the more practical option Although physical trade shows still rule the business market, and virtual […]


Event Planner Secrets for Sold-out Online Events

An online event provides a practical and flexible virtual environment where event planners can look forward to global participation. Marketing your online event is something that you need to pay attention to if you are looking at strong participation. There are many ways of increasing participation to your online event; here are a few handy […]


Technology Considerations for Your Online Event

The technology used in an online event contributes largely to its success. If you are looking for a high level of audience participation, you need to look into technology elements that are easy as for both presenter and viewer, and interesting to the audience. In-depth research on the available technology for online events will help […]


Effective Ways to Promote Your Online Event

Organizing an online event may sound simple and easy; however generating the right amount of publicity might be a challenge. If your online event does not have a big name and a big city tagged to it, there are chances that it may go unnoticed within the infinite space of the World Wide Web. Here […]


What Types of Companies use Webinar Software?

There’s no limit to the kinds of companies that can benefit from webinar software, versus the time, trouble, cost and lost business opportunities that result from having to travel to attend in-person meetings. What is Webinar Software? Webinar software helps you conduct online meetings, which is typically a one-to-many, live presentation. Often used in an […]


How to Host a Successful Webinar Session

Webinars have become very popular and successful ways to impart wisdom, market products by offering a valuable presentation, or providing internal training to staff members. But information overload has become pervasive across the board, and a webinar session can be just one more piece of information that the recipient’s brain just can’t hold. Because there […]