Effective Ways to Promote Your Online Event

Organizing an online event may sound simple and easy; however generating the right amount of publicity might be a challenge. If your online event does not have a big name and a big city tagged to it, there are chances that it may go unnoticed within the infinite space of the World Wide Web. Here are some handy tips on how to promote your online event both the traditional as well as the virtual way:

Promoting your Online Event with Social Networking Sites

A great way to spread the word about your online event is to promote it on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Eventbrite, Twitter, or MySpace. Social networking sites are increasingly becoming popular mediums of communication between working professionals, and a good platform to promote your upcoming online event. Of course, if you have a corporate blog, this too can be a good location to promote your online event.

When creating any content about your online event, be sure to keep search engine optimization in mind, to achieve the highest level of discovery by users looking for information related to your online event.

Use a Customized Link or Button to Promote Your Online Event

Another effective way to promote your online event is to add a customized link or button related to your show at the end of your email or on the landing page of your website. You can also add these promotional links in other websites for more publicity. These personalized links could read as:

* Click Here To Buy Tickets
* Buy Tickets
* Buy A Ticket!
* Attend Now!

It also helps to display the event registration page or the ticket-ordering box on the home page of your website. This way, visitors who come to your site are sure to notice the information about your upcoming online event.

Leverage Trade Directories

Submitting information about your upcoming online event to one of the several trade directories is a smart way to get noticed. You will find many of these trade directories online where submitting your promotional text is easy and simple. Other B2B web sites are also optimal places for finding buyers and sellers who are interested in your online event.

Using Traditional Media to Advertise Your Online Event

The most effective campaigns go beyond online methods to incorporate traditional media as well, including TV, newspapers, magazines, radio and others. As the media reaches out to a wide and diverse audience, your online event is sure to fetch good publicity.

Issuing a Press Release to Promote Your Online Event

Writing a press release is an excellent way to get your online event publicized. If writing is not your strong point, you could hire a professional writer to help you draft a proper press release that incorporates all the vital information about your online event. In addition to posting the press release on your web site, you may also consider using the services of a business wire distribution company, like PRWeb, to achieve the broadest level of distribution and coverage for your online event.

Trade Related Publications

A highly productive way to promote your online event is to market it in trade related publications. Look for publications that deal in the same products and services as your event, and go ahead with your event promotional campaign. This is a great way to attract the right audience for your online events.

Use Email Lists and Email Marketing

Send an invitation to everyone on your email list. To increase distribution ask partners to distribute to their email list as well in exchange for a mention during the online event. The easiest way to do this is to provide them with copy for their next newsletter. This means that you need to plan your online event well in advance to get on the schedule.

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