Event Planner Secrets for Sold-out Online Events

An online event provides a practical and flexible virtual environment where event planners can look forward to global participation. Marketing your online event is something that you need to pay attention to if you are looking at strong participation. There are many ways of increasing participation to your online event; here are a few handy tips and tricks to get you started:

* Effective advertising and marketing
Your online event needs as much marketing and publicity as a physical business event. There are several productive ways of promoting your event, and these could include both online as well as offline marketing strategies. You could either market your upcoming event online on web directories or popular B2B portals, or spread the word about your event through offline media such as newspapers, radio, and television.

* Incorporating attractive highlights
When promoting your online event, make sure that you incorporate an attractive promotional feature such as live online chat with a well-known industry figure. This will help to spark up interest in your online event and bring higher participation. Other highlights you could incorporate into your event include instant blog posts, online discussion boards,  as well as conference applications such as photos, video montages, or podcasts.

* Getting to know your audience
Most event planners plunge right away into working on the technology end of the online event. There is very little consideration that is given to the audience who will actually use this technology. Knowing your audience and their level of technical expertise is crucial to creating a successful online event.

At all costs, you should avoid an imbalance between the technology that you use and the level of technical awareness of your audience. The main focus of your online event is to allow your audience to participate with ease and comfort; and this is what will get more people interested in your event.

* Flexibility
When it comes to hosting an online event, always be flexible. Experiment with new ideas and tools, keeping in mind your audience. You can try new ways to engage your audience when they are online; however always be prepared for something to go wrong, and keep an alternate tool as a handy backup plan. Be open to change, even if it means changing your online event strategy in the middle of the session.

Adapting to new and changing situations will keep the show going and make a success of your online event.

* Making your audience use the technology
Once you know that your audience is comfortable with the technology that you are using for your online event; make sure they understand how to use it. Just prior to the online event, post a welcome splash screen that includes directions on how to use any relevant technology.

Event participation for your online event can be significantly increased if you clearly understand the skills and requirements of your target audience. Online marketing will help to spread the word and traditional advertising will expand your online events visibility.

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