Increase Productivity and Decrease Cost with Webinar Technology

Collaboration takes advantage of the fact that multiple minds are greater than one.  As webinar technology has evolved collaboration has become more the rule instead of the exception.  From institutions of higher learning to doctors working across continents to companies getting their sales teams together, many people are working together no matter their physical proximity […]


Hold Larger Online Meetings with GoToWebinar Web Conferencing

GoToWebinar is an innovative tool brought yo you by the same creators of GoToMeeting, Citrix. GoToWebinar web conferencing allows your company to hold company meetings with up to 1,000 people at one time. By simply dialing a toll free number your employees can join the audio conference call with GoToWebinar and all they need is […]


Learn About Webinar Best Practices

Choosing to do a webinar can be a great way for your company to reach many people, with comparatively very little investment.  However, it only becomes beneficial if it’s done right by using webinar best practices.  Just like an unprepared sales call, poor webinars can be a difficult problem to overcome for a potential customer.  Not […]


Understanding what Free Webinar Tools are available in the market today

Few people know how many different webinar tools are available to someone wanting to do online meetings.  If you are thinking about using the best webinar software for online meetings to increase productivity and decrease costs, here are some names that you should know. Yugma: Yugma offers both paid and free webinar tools. Their free […]


Doing a Webinar Software Comparison

There are many different webinar software options available. It can be hard to do a proper webinar software comparison without getting overwhelmed, and there is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you have the right webinar software for your company.  The following few paragraphs will […]


How to Find Webinar Providers For Your Business

Not all webinar providers are created equal. Some have just a simple basic package, while others have all the bells and whistles you could imagine. Some webinar providers have employees that walk you through each step, while others tell you the website and login and let you have at it on your own. What are […]


Collaborating with Online Meetings

Online meetings were once only in the thoughts of science fiction writers, but now they are an everyday occurrence.  No matter the industry, no matter the size of your company, and no matter the economic situation, online meetings can significantly impact your bottom line.  Nearly everyone is collaborating in one form or another, and now […]


Conduct Online Meetings with Adobe Connect

Your company is probably already familiar with the popular Adobe software; however Adobe just got better with Adobe Connect web conferencing. Adobe Connect will allow your company to conduct online meetings within minutes and allow you the flexibility to never leave your desk. One of the great new things about Adobe Connect is it’s capability […]


WebEx Webinar Tools Help Comcast Launch Marketing Campaign

Previously, Comcast had used live chats as a means to interact with customers at a more personal level, but Comcast wanted to improve web conferencing and increase client interaction by implementing webinar tools. How Comcast Used WebEx Webinar Tools In the summer of 2006, Comcast Cable’s NorthCentral division, a provider of cable, entertainment, and communications products and […]


Eventbrite — Online Event Registration Made Easy

Hosting an online event, from webinars to sales meetings and training sessions, is a wonderful way to improve productivity and reach the greatest possible audience. The underlying technology is deceivingly simple, and this simplicity often leads to the incorrect perception that an online event can be pulled off without any preparation. In fact, an online […]