What to Look for When Researching Webinar Software Vendors

So you have an awesome online presentation ready to go. Not the hard part, which webinar software vendor should you chose from? Not all webinar software vendors are created equally. Along with different costs, the technology era has developed a slue of new and improved web conferencing methods.

How Do I Choose Webinar Software Vendors?

So to answer the initial question: which webinar software vendors to chose? Utilizing the right webinar software can help reduce your lead generation budget. Webinar software can measure company communication, and help gauge your targeted audience. By customizing registration tactics you generate polls, surveys, and answers to stay in touch with attendee views. webinar software can host meetings, sales presentations, training courses, interactive sessions, whatever you can possibly think of for meetings.

Simplicity is Key with Webinar Software Vendors!

When researching webinar software vendors solutions, look at the ease for using the software. This is not only crucial for you but also for your attendees to join in! You want your attendees to be actively engaged while they are listening to your webinar. If they are having core issues navigating the technology, you’re losing potential leads. Plus, keep the configuration method simple. If attendees have to download a certain client or have a slower computer, you could be missing out on potential attendees, as well.

Major Webinar Software Vendors, Major Price Tag?

Some of the big name players like WebEx, GoToMeeting, and LiveMeeting offer some fantastic software options for your company. But be aware that bigger companies can mean bigger prices. Smaller webinar software vendors may be able to offer customizable packages at a more attractive price. The difference being that larger companies have a bigger budget, and can freely market their brand everywhere as opposed to smaller webinar software vendors.

What Technology Are you Getting?

Take a look at the technology you are getting with different webinar software vendors. You’ll want to have something offering flexibility, desktop sharing, and full audio-visual integration and support. Not having proper audio will ruin your webinar; also, not having good support to fix the problem can just be a complete waste of valuable time.

A few other points to consider:

  • Does the technology support desktop polling and personal chat? You want to be able to easily load documents and handle any handouts.
  • What about download speeds?
  • Is it optimized for slower connection speeds, how easy it is for attendees to download clients?

Never Fear, Support is Here

Don’t skimp out on evaluating support and services from webinar software vendors. When a vendor mentions support, how much is it? Do you need extensive support to help guide you through the entire process, or just a toll free number to call if there are problems? Bigger companies sometimes cannot offer the same support services needed that maybe a small-midsized company can.

In Summary

Having the best webinar software vendor can help deliver the absolute best webinar conference event possible. Choosing webinar software vendors from a big company may be ideal, or perhaps not, depending on your company needs and budget. A large influx of webinar software programs have appeared over the last few years, be sure to hire the best you can trust and caters to your company needs.

Have you found the best webinar software vendors? Do you prefer a subscription service, or do you shop around and use different vendors depending on the type of conference?

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