New Web Conferencing Vendors to Look Out For

Web conferencing vendors are constantly changing with the advent of new technology. Companies merge, offer new platforms, and offer new devices. Some are developing apps for smartphones and tablet devices for meetings on the go. Furthermore, some are adopting platforms that allow YouTube videos to become a part of the meeting. Here are some of the newest web conferencing vendors and what they have to offer.

Vidquik, One of the Newest Web Conferencing Vendors

Small to medium-sized businesses are well suited for Vidquik, a browser-based, web conferencing vendor, because it’s cost-efficient, scalable, and provides one-to-one meetings for free. This platform provides the best webinar tools that are easy to use and help to influence a positive and efficient sales experience that web conferencing vendors strive for. Potential users looking at web conferencing vendors will like Vidquik because it doesn’t require downloads, or include complicated interfaces and software.

When the official product launches in November, users will be able to take advantage of multiple meeting rooms, a tablet version, online sales management tools, electronic signatures, and multiple participants can use three or more locations all at cost-effective rates. Vidquik launched its beta version recently, and since it doesn’t launch until November, there isn’t a load of user feedback to spell out any of the shortcomings this platform might have.

Web Conferencing Vendors that Utilize Facebook

Using your Facebook account to login, can be used to manage and schedule meetings through Google Calendars or Microsoft Outlook. Several members of your team will have privileges to create and manage meetings. includes note-sharing tools so members can update each other of future developments. This new web conferencing vendor also includes document-editing features so materials, such as notes and files that are uploaded for the meeting can be thoroughly studied and augmented prior to the meeting date.

You can also embed materials from third-party devices, all of which members can post comments on. This web conferencing vendor is currently offering their service at no cost. All notifications on the various aspects of your meeting will be sent to you through your e-mail account. The drawback to this service is that professionals might be leery of logging in to their personal Facebook accounts while attending to work-related matters.

Web Conferencing Vendors and Zip Conferencing

Zip Conferencing claims users can save 80% compared to what they would pay with other web conferencing vendors using similar tools. Users are given a toll-free dial-in access number and pass codes when they sign up for Zip Conferencing, and moderators use their touchtone phones to access tools in audio conference calls. These web conferencing tools allow the moderator to record the call, mute and un-mute members in the call, and control volume.

You’ll also have an online account management system where you can manage how your conferencing will work – from the number of moderators to the audio tone members hear when they enter and exit the conference. This service also requires no software downloads and it’s compatible with PC and Mac. Pricing ranges from $20 per month up to $2,400 per month. Zip offers a 30-day free trial, but unlike the previous two, there are no freebies in this product.

Final Thoughts on Web Conferencing Vendors

More and more web conferencing vendors are debuting their products as the months go by, so be sure to keep an eye out for the latest in web conferencing. Considering how quickly advances in this industry are developing, there may even be more free webinar software options in the future since there’s always a demand for free applications. These new web conferencing vendors, however, offer decent starting points.

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