Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Businesses

What choices are there for smaller companies who are looking for web-based services and no complicated software installations? You have the choice of free, low-quality services like Skype and iChat, to high definition systems that cost thousands of dollars. Here are a few options for the best video conferencing software.

iMeet Among the Best Video Conferencing Software Vendors

iMeet lets you send your web address to your guests to join you in a meeting room, which is free for your guests, and only costs you $39 to $69 a month, depending on the package you select. Both plans include unlimited video meetings with up to 15 people at one time. You also get unlimited free VoIP calling so you can talk to your guests through the computer whenever you wish.

No special hardware or software is needed for this, one of the best video conferencing software offerings, and you can use iMeet from your laptop, mobile device, and desktop. Both plans also included one-on-one training with an iMeet specialist.

The Best Video Conferencing Software: LifeSize

LifeSize offers some of the best web conferencing services through a cloud-based solution called Connections that is suited for smaller companies that can be used by anyone, anywhere, on any device. They say they’ve made operating the system as easy as using a telephone. LifeSize, a Logitech company and one of the best video conferencing software offerings, supports the trend toward lower-cost devices, and has a video conferencing system for under $1,000. The company has teamed with Mirial, a leading provider of software-based personal and mobile video conferencing solutions, which further broadens the video conferencing offerings that LifeSize provides.

MegaMeeting: The Best Video Conferencing Software

MegaMeeting offers online video conferencing without downloading and installing complicated software. You can keep in touch with employees, clients, and business contacts regardless if you use Mac, Window or Linux. MegaMeeting offers full-featured and flexible conferencing software, some of the best webinar software, and video chat servers.

The software allows up to 16 attendees to participate and share applications, and this vendor among the best video conferencing software allows educational, social and religious organizations to connect members from a distance. It also includes the best webinar tools so companies can conduct virtual meetings and seminars.

The Best Video Conferencing Software That’s Free

There are a number of video conferencing software options that are available at no cost. One of these offerings, Adobe ConnectNow, features a meeting room that connects two users who can share screens, text, use whiteboards, and of course video conference through web cam.

Doodle, another free offering, brands itself as the “eVite of online meetings.” Conference calls using this best video conferencing software can be imported into Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook calendars.

TokBox lets you conference with up to 20 people at one time, and it can interface with your current IM accounts, but it doesn’t call regular phones. TokBox also has an installable application for those who don’t want to conference over the web.

Finally, Dabbleboard is another pick for the best video conferencing software that’s free because it integrates whiteboarding and real-time collaboration to your meetings. An unlimited number of participants can draw on the whiteboard, but the paid version will allow you to control who can view and edit the data.

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