Web Conferencing: Making Meetings Virtual

By: Ajeet Khurana The world of business is changing by leaps and bounds thanks to the growth of the use of technology in everyday life. The emphasis today is on speed, speed, and even more speed. The reason for this great stress on speed? It is the fear that some other competitor might walk off […]


Web Conferencing Services: Meetings In Cyberspace

By: Jay Moncliff Many firms today are looking to cut costs wherever they can. Annual meetings, trainings, product launches, employee meetings and other similar corporate events are traditionally expensive propositions. Web conferencing services can reduce the costs of these meetings and gatherings drastically. A web conference allows groups of individuals in different locations to have […]


How Web Conferencing Works And How Much It Costs

By: Amit Laufer Comparing to the savings on travel, time and energy the cost of Web Conference Calls is dirt cheap. There are many conferencing solution providers and it’s difficult to distinguish between them. These service providers take care of all the technical stuff. The users left to deal with simple codes like: * and […]


Five Ways Web Conferencing Can Help You Sell More Products

By: Dan Richmond When it comes to business, any new technology will ultimately be judged on how well it contributes to improving productivity and profit. If you are selling goods or services, online web conferencing can improve your bottom line by boosting sales and lowering costs. Here are five reasons why this is so: 1. […]


Do We Really Need Web Conferencing Platforms?

By: Peter Leigh If you have a large company and you need to be in touch with several members of your team at one time, you may need web conferencing platforms. This is a cheaper alternative than having to make travel arrangements to bring everyone together in one place and it is certainly less time […]


Cutting Down On Hassles By Web Conferencing

By: Ajeet Khurana In the world of today, the World Wide Web has revolutionized the way business is conducted. Today businesses both big and small have taken advantage of the Internet as a way to reach out to people and markets on a global level. In fact, one way in which the Internet is gaining […]


Answers to Common Web Conference Questions

What is a Web Conference? Web conferences allow for two or more users to communicate and collaborate over the internet through audio, instant messaging, and video conferencing. Usually, the top web conferencing software will leverage these three collaboration mediums in one package. Web conference software will also have a number of other features that helps […]


Comprehend The Value Of Web Conferencing

Today, many businesses are turning towards the benefits to web conferencing. Businesses everywhere can save loads of cash by using web conferencing software instead of paying for travel and accommodation. Web conferencing is the “holy grail” for companies that need to communicate with offices and employees that are located in different locations worldwide. Web conferencing software has […]


Basics of Audio And Web Conferencing

Audio and web conferencing has become a staple in todays business environment. What was once impossible over thirty years ago, has become a reality today. Audio and web conferencing software provides organizations with solutions to produce meetings in an instant. Audio and web conferencing software enables businesses to leverage these instantaneous meetings to exchange ideas and receive critical input […]