Web Meeting Etiquette

The growth of the Internet and the technology explosion has totally transformed the way we do business, ushering in countless options for sales, marketing, and customer relations. Some of the best webinar providers now allow us to hold web meetings where discussions can take place with anyone in any part of the world. It is […]


Teamwork Without Travel – Virtual Meetings

In today’s world when budgets are tight and schedules even worse, virtual meeting solutions are needed to reduce costs without affecting productivity and profits. Cutting edge virtual meeting technology makes it possible to connect, communicate and build teams across nations and boundaries and using web conferencing platforms to hold virtual meetings is one of the quickest […]


The Basics Of Video Conferencing

Modern technology convergence equips ordinary people with the basics to engage in video conferencing. Users can utilize the two most popular email and live chat providers Yahoo and MSN to set up simple video conferencing their softwares. People can call, talk and watch each other – regardless of location – and communicate in real time. […]


Are All Video Conferencing Services The Same?

When looking for video conferencing services, the first place to look is the Internet. Here you will find an extensive list of video service providers that will allow you to use video for your web conferences. Video conference calls are fast becoming the way companies, both large and small, interact with employees and clients in […]


Video Conferencing Will Help Your Business

Does your business have locations far and wide, with employees who must meet with each other in order for your business to run smoothly? If so, you know how expensive gathering all your employees together in one place can be. Video conferencing could help your business save time and money, as well as increase productivity […]


Video Conferencing Solutions

Video conferencing facilitates learning by allowing remote or distant learners to meet regardless of their location. Students can take classes at multiple universities. In essence classes that are not available at one location may be available at another through video conferencing. Video conferencing can also benefit non traditional students who are not able to attend […]


Video Conferencing Guide- An Introduction to Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a method used by two or more people in different locations to interact thorugh two way video transmissions at the same time. Video conferencing is a form of web conferencing and is also known as a virtual meeting, web meeting, or virtual collaboration. All users need is a computer or mobile device […]


Tips For Using Video & Web Conferencing To Train, Manage And Support Your Sales Team

If you have a large sales force, spread out over wide distances, or if you have a small staff in various locations, then video and web conferencing is an ideal way to train, manage and support your team. In case you are wondering what online conferencing has to do with managing and training a sales […]


Five Great Reasons To Start Utilizing Web & Video Conferencing Technology Now

Several years ago I was in a computer store and a salesman was trying to sell me something, in fact, he was trying to sell me anything that he could. I said that I had the latest computer and really didn’t need anything more. Then he showed me a web camera and I thought for […]


Web Conferencing: The Advantages Of A Browser Based Online Meeting System

If you are thinking about getting into web and video conferencing, then it is important to know what is required to operate any proposed conferencing system. Some systems run on proprietary software and need special equipment, while browser based systems usually do not require the installation of special software or equipment. Many organizations and individuals […]