Web Conferencing Features We’d like to See in the Future

Web conferencing software is a powerful tool for companies needing to interact with employees, colleagues, customers or partners located around the world. If your company has used the service in the past then you know that there are some great benefits and features that come with the tool. What if we could add to the web conferencing tool ourselves and write our own web conferencing features; have you thought about ideas that would make it better? Here are some of the features we’d like to see in the future.

Bring Web Conferencing Features to Life with 3D

You probably already know that web conferencing features are good but think about how much better they would be in 3D. If you had the ability to view things in 3D your charts and graphs could be more vibrant, and your meetings would feel more personal than just looking at a computer monitor. 3D has been showing up more in entertainment lately, so why not bring it to the conference room through web conferencing features?

Web Conferencing Features Could be More Accessible with Low Bandwidth Requirements

Because web conferencing features are so robust, it takes a high speed Internet service in order to view a conference. If lower bandwidth requirements were available more and more companies could utilize the services. This means opening up a whole new world to the smaller, home based businesses that may not have the money to front the costs of a satellite Internet or high speed service. The possibilities are there if lower bandwidth options were offered, web conferencing features could be utilized through mobile devices rather than just the traditional PC. Lag time would also be reduced with a lower bandwidth requirement which would make for higher quality meetings.

Social Media Integration would fit Nicely with Web Conferencing Features

Social media is used just as much as any other service available. If the current web conferencing features could be combined with social media such as Facebook, Twitter and any other service more people/companies could take advantage of the service for different uses. Not only could companies use free web conferencing for meetings but college classes perhaps could take advantage of it through Facebook to hold classes during snow days. There are many different ways that the web conferencing features can be used outside of a company but finding the right features to implement to make that happen is the key.

Add Searchable Recording to your Web Conferencing Features

Most web conferencing software now allows you to record the web conferences so that you can reference them later. The catch here is that only you can search for that recorded web meeting. What if that could be opened up so that potential customers could view your meetings and see what products you will be releasing in the near future? Current customers who are waiting on improvements to your current products would also like to see how things are coming on the services/products that they currently use. These should have the ability to be edited however, so that internal business information is not available over the public conference.

Web Conferencing Features like Live Graphics are a Thing of the Future

With the current web conferencing features you are already able to share with your co-workers the charts and graphs that you have ready but what if you were able to create these graphs together during a web conference? If you are managing a company with multiple locations it would be valuable to be able to input your current profits into the system while the other company locations do the same. This would show you true to the minute profits for each of your locations. This web conferencing feature would also allow you to build charts together to see where the entire corporation is at as a whole and not just each individual location.

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