Web Meeting Leaders Meet Stiff Competition in TurboMeeting

Every industry has its leaders and every company competing in any space will announce to interested parties that they are in fact the leader. As an intelligent individual, you know that not every one of these companies is truly leading their industry. Therefore, it is up to you to use your own due diligence to determine web meeting leaders according to your pre-set criteria. You will find plenty of information on the GoToMeeting and WebEx solutions, but will these absolutely meet your needs? Keep in mind that web meeting leaders may not be leading anything at all.

TurboMeeting – One of the Next Web Meeting Leaders?

TurboMeeting is one of the latest innovations out of RHUB Communications. The company just recently released an upgrade to this product that is yet to be considered a threat by web meeting leaders. The idea behind this platform is to eliminate the need for external subscription-based Web communication services so these capabilities can be moved to an on-premise device. A hardware-based solution, TurboMeeting acts as a server to those applications that are designed to enable conferencing, peer-to-peer, remote control and one-to-many connections. In essence, this technology helps to drive conferencing capabilities for web meeting leaders. At the same time, TurboMeeting can also be used to facilitate communications where geographic distances may be keeping some of your key players at bay.

Can Web Meeting Leaders Invite 200 Participants?

The latest innovation from RHUB Communications is the TurboMeeting 4.3, which users rely on to conduct Internet-based audio conferences with more than 200 participants. Users can rely on both PC and Mac computers to engage in communications, something not all web meeting leaders can do. The solution provides firewall traversal, echo-cancellation, automated audio device detection, recording of web conferences, a recording converter to transfer the recordings into different formats, and more. Web meeting leaders may have to take a step back and examine the technology they have to work with and consider stepping up to meet the TurboMeeting 4.3 challenge.

Web Meeting Leaders Sometimes Forget the SMB

If you are running an SMB, you are likely fully aware of those web meeting leaders who forget that you need a solution to fit your needs. No, you don’t have the budget of the large enterprise, yet you are competing in the same market. Web meeting leaders need to deliver on your demands to help drive adoption through a large sector of the market represented by SMBs. Companies operating in this sector can benefit from the ability to focus on a main point of conversation, instead of all the junk that can interrupt a quality web meeting. Those web meeting leaders who provide more fluff than substance in their solutions create too many distractions for the interaction to be truly successful. TurboMeeting set out to eliminate the junk so you can be happy with the technology you need.

The good news is that with the number of web meeting leaders in the field, there is great competition, which drives down prices for you and keeps innovation moving in a positive direction. As long as you keep your expectations of web meeting leaders high, you can’t go wrong adn always remember to maintain proper web meeting etiquette when hosting an online meeting.

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