The Basics Of Conference Calls: What To Do

Many people assume that conference calls are something that a lot of managers know how to do, but it actually takes some work to learn how to run these calls efficiently and effectively. There are some basic guidelines that you can use to help your conference call run smoothly and to make sure that you as well as everyone else on the call gets the most out of the process.

Hosting a Quality Conference Call
When you are planning your conference call the first thing that you will want to do is make sure that you have a dedicated line that you can depend on. You also want to make sure that you send this information out to all those that should be on the call. Also send another reminder after the formal announcement of the conference call on the day of the call to make sure that everyone will be there.

Next, you will want to plan out your conference call before it begins. You should write down a brief outline ahead of time and think out all of the talking points. A conference call is just like a face to face meeting, except you are doing it over the phone. You don’t have the benefit of visual cues and looking at other people to remind you of your topics, you need to have them all in front of you so that you can run a streamlined meeting.

When the call starts you will want to introduce yourself to all of the callers so that they will recognize your voice. Then, you should go around and introduce everyone on the line and have them say hello, this will help with voice recognition when people talk. Also, ask that when people do talk, without being addressed specifically, that they should identify themselves so everyone knows who is talking.

Next, when you begin covering the talking points you should be sure that you do not allow for things to go off topic. It is really easy for the topic to change and to get way off subject, but if you only have a phone line for a specific period of time you’ll want to stay on task. Also, you don’t want to spend all day on the phone getting nothing else done, so limit outside conversation so you can get through all of the topics that need to be covered.

You’ll want to take notes when other people talk. This will allow you to follow up with each person individually and you’ll also remember if there are things that you need to address with each caller at a later date. Taking notes doesn’t have to be exhaustive, just a few notes here and there will usually do.

Lastly, when you end the call you should be sure that you do so by thanking the callers for their time. You can ask if there are any additional thoughts, questions, or concerns as it is good to make people feel like they had time to take the floor and address anything that needs to be addressed. Then, close the call with a final thanks and mention any upcoming conference calls.

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