Powwownow launches new mobile conference iPhone app

With smart phones and apps ruling the mobile world, you can pretty much do anything these days with a touch of a button. From managing your finances to sending a fax, iPhone apps have definitely made our life easier. To take it up a notch, a UK based online conference call provider Powwownow, recently launched a new mobile conferencing iPhone app. The iPhone web conferencing app is a boon for business professionals who are constantly participating in conference calls. The best part is, it is easy to use and companies save a lot, on conferencing costs.

The app, apart from conducting conference calls, is designed to schedule calls, invite relevant participants and send email reminders about any upcoming calls. It also lets you add your own hold music. Not to be beaten down by other web conferencing vendors in the market, Powwownow provides excellent customer service and other value added features like free recording, desktop sharing  and offering remote users the best dial in number by geo-locating.

Commenting about the quality and the innovative nature of the app, Andrew Pearce the Chief Executive Officer of Powwownow said, “Based on customer feedback, we know there’s huge demand for a conference call app that allows you to join conferences at the touch of one button. We’re not just about audio conferencing; we’re about helping our customers be more successful. We don’t believe consumers should sacrifice quality for cost. Free doesn’t mean cheap!”

Further, users can also manage and update their account details instantly and add additional conference accounts as needed. The application is one of a kind and is definitely handy when scheduling conference calls on the go.

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