6 Audio Conferencing Tips

Let’s be honest, when audio conferencing goes wrong, it completely sucks. And Audio and web conferencing calls are fast growing tools in today’s business world.   Audio conference calls are sometimes not absorbed completely by the participants. Researchers have proved that communication is absorbed by humans in many ways. People tend to remember 20% of what they hear and 50% of what they hear and see and 80% of what they hear, see and do. Here are 6 Audio conferencing tips that may help make your conference go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Audio Conferencing Tips

Audio conferencing tips 1 : Silence and Clarity are the best audio conferencing tips that I can provide. Seriously, the last thing you want to hear in your audio conference are the crunching of potato chips, cell phones blaring, or babies crying. So, always choose a quiet room when attending an audio conference, and don’t forget to put your cell phone on silent. No one wants to hear your Justin Bieber ringtone.

Once the call connects verify the clarity and volume of your audio conference call. There should be no feedback or weird noise in a professional audio conference.  Always try and use simple vocabulary as well.  Be slow while speaking so that the listener understands the words.

Audio conferencing tips 2: Craft Factual or Practical Visuals- Before audio conference calls and try and distribute pamphlets or some sort of rules to give the participants a visual to follow along. Creating a visually rich presentation can be a good way to accent the anecdotes of your oral presentation.

Audio conferencing tips 3: If you are presenting a product and can’t present a perfect model of the product, then take some time to describe it and paint an in-depth picture so that the participants can visualize the object without seeing it.  Perfect audio conference calls should be as precise as a visual presentations.

Audio conferencing tips 4: Be patient- Always wait and listen to what the listener has to say before you start of with your second sentence. It’s the matter of politeness and decorum and secondly because some audio conference calls allow only one person to speak at a time. If you jump start then you may unknowingly cut off the other person or may not understand what the other person says.

Audio conferencing tips 5: Agenda- Always adhere to the agenda and remember to send it via fax or email to the participants before the audio conference calls. Audio conference calls used to be restricted to only small groups, but with today’s technology can host hundreds of participants.

Audio conferencing tips 6: Always try and consider audio conference calls as a meeting that’s conducted through the phone. So follow the meeting rules and regulations to ensure the best results.

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