4 Free Web Conferencing Apps for the iPad

The iPad, which originially began as an entertainment device, has quickly transformed into a vast business tool with advanced web conferencing capabilities. Organizations are able to utilize the iPad’s large screen size to display presentations and other documents, and use its VoIP ability to facilitate discussions and conferences. Below are four of the most popularly used free iPad webinar solutions.

1. GoToMeeting– A very  user friendly web conferencing solution available for free for the iPad. Users can enter meetings view the presenters screen, and share ideas. However, this webinar tool does not allow users to organize meetings or switch presenters from the iPad.

2. Webex– Another free webinar tool that is very similar to GoToMeeting. Just like GoToMeeting, WebEx allows you to participate in a web conference through the tablet, but it also doesn’t grant the ability to host meetings through the iPad. The app contains an additional feature that enables users to join demos with complete strangers.

3. Skype for iPad: Skype is the most basic webinar tool among these four, and if an organization is looking for something simple without sophisticated features than this will do the job.

4. Fuze Meeting: This is the newest and most complete web conference solution currently available on the iPad. The free app enables users to host meetings directly from the iPad without the need for a desktop browser, and is tightly integrated with keynote presentations, instant messaging, and Dropbox.


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