VenueGen Invades the Web Conferencing Sphere with 3-D Virtual Meeting Technology

VenueGen was awarded with Gartner Inc.’s “Cool Vendor” award yesterday. Gatner Inc., an analyst firm, compiled a report with five vendors that “demonstrate the breadth of social-software tools”. The five vendors “use the social network to solve problems and provide a platform for engagement in virtual environments that’s superior to more traditional settings”, as stated in the Garnter report.

What does VenueGen do?

VenueGen is a 3-D Virtual Meeting and Training platform provider. Using a browser based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), VenueGen works like a web conferencing tool for users to conduct meetings and training sessions. However, unlike traditional web conferencing technology, users don’t need a camera to be seen. Instead, users create photorealistic avatars based on a picture themselves. Users will benefit from engaged, vocal, active participation in the virtual conference room environment. The web conferencing SaaS costs $90 per month with a free 30 day trial.

VenueGen is facilitating the meeting process while cutting costs. Instead of spending money on traveling, training, web conferencing hardware and software, and other meeting logistics, users can cut costs by using VenueGen’s single 3-D meeting platform to conduct business.  Here’s a snapshot of a 3-D meeting room:

VenueGen’s platform includes:

  • Automated setup
  • Photo realistic avatars
  • Positional sound
  • Integrated content
  • Ease-of-use
  • Realistic replica of the real world

VenueGen can be used for small and large companies for staff, project and even international meetings. Team members around the world can conference into the VenueGen platform with ease. The platform can also be used for corporate training. Instead of renting out a costly meeting room, trainers can put hundreds of people in a single virtual room. Users can train employees remotely in a virtual room where participants can share content, ideas and watch engaging virtual training classes.

Gartner has a successful track record of identifying technology trends. Their list of Cool Vendors isn’t about identifying the best technology solutions, but instead the most innovative, impactful and intriguing solutions in recent history. Congrats to VenueGen for making the list!

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