Adobe Connect Review

Adobe is among the leading software providers in the world with many popular products and recognizable brands including PhotoShop, Acrobat Reader, and Flash Player. With Adobe Connect, Adobe aims to leave its mark in another sector of the software industry. Its award winning web conferencing solution is already capturing stellar reviews and awards and continues to live up to Adobe’s globally known reputation for top of the line software products.

Ease of Use:
Adobe Connect web conferencing is a flexible solution that is easy to set up. Deploying Adobe Connect is quick and pain free with no downloads necessary! Adobe Connect runs via Adobe Flash Player which is already installed in 98% of Internet-enabled desktops.

Attendees can easily join web conferences at the click of a single URL, with no download required! The only requirement is a web browser making the setup and use of Adobe Connect extremely simple for users from all types of backgrounds.

Adobe Connect provides users with features to ensure security but also allow user customization. Adobe Connect provides a number of features to help you run secure web conferences, rapidly train others, create virtual classrooms, or create a personalized web seminar.

Secure Web Conferencing Features Include:
• Secured instant access
• Encrypted network traffic
• Compliance and control over your account

Training Features Include:
• Quickly create content
• Track training and progress
• Create training reports

Virtual Classroom Features Include:
• Screen sharing
• Learner performance tracking
• Recording edition capabilities

Web Seminar Features Include:
• Branding maintenance
• Attendee Qualification
• Registration Management

Security and Reliability:
Adobe Connect designed its solution in accordance with security best practices. Adobe made sure to address several aspects of security including authentication procedures, data management, and auditing and logging features. With Adobe Connect, users can conduct meetings knowing their sensitive data is well protected.

Adobe Connect includes unlimited online meetings for up to 15 participants and is offered in both monthly and annual subscription plans.

Monthly subscription costs start at $39.95 per month plus any applicable sales tax. Annual Subscription plans are offered at $395.00 per year plus any applicable sales tax for a saving of 15% off the monthly plan!

Adobe offers a number of support options on their website to help users get started or deal with any issues associated with the use of Adobe Connect.

Adobe’s support center, found within their website, contains databases with common issues that come up and resolutions to these issues. FAQ Databases are also available to help you deal with any other issues that may come up.

Adobe’s support center also provides users with information and tutorials for new users just starting up on Adobe Acrobat Center.

More personalized support via their forums where users can post questions or search for answers and get support from peers who may share similar problems. In addition, Adobe also offers different support plans to fit your company’s needs.

Adobe’s award winning Adobe Connect web conferencing solution is among the most secure and simplest solutions to use in the marketplace today. With Adobe Connect, you can quickly and easily set up web seminars or conduct training sessions. You are in control! Contact Adobe today for a free trial of its award winning web conferencing solution.