The All-New AnyMeeting Experience is Officially Live!

Last week, AnyMeeting announced that they were planning on rolling out a whole new web conferencing experience for their customers, in response to feedback they’d received.  Today it went live, and now anyone can access new features such as 6-way video conferencing, faster screen sharing, better screen management, and a quick task bar. Based on their screenshots, it looks pretty slick, and you can see a couple of them below, courtesy of their blog.

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AnyMeeting, formerly Freebinar, launched their free web conferencing software back in 2009, giving users the ability to host webinars and meetings with up to 200 attendees, all for free. Their focus is on small businesses that want to host webinars and create how-to videos, demos, etc., and they’ve been pretty good at dominating the space.

Despite having some pretty advanced features now, AnyMeeting is still dedicated to providing their service for free, so there’s not going to be any pricing implemented in case you were worried about that.However, that still means that you have to deal with advertising on your conferences, but their ticketing option through PayPal will eliminate the ads, as well as help you make money off your presentations. All you need for that is a PayPal Merchant account, and you can integrate your PayPal with your AnyMeeting account and sell tickets to your webinars.

This UI redesign will mostly likely put AnyMeeting over the top of their competitors, especially any other free webinar software, which is even better for you since it’s all free. While it might not meet the needs of big companies (though I can’t see why it wouldn’t), it’s most definitely a great solution for small businesses and startups. For more information, head on over to, or check out some of their demo videos that they posted on their blog today.

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