AnyMeeting Review


Launched in 2009, AnyMeeting (formerly Freebinar) is a free online web conferencing and webinar solution that offers the full range of tools necessary to hold online meetings. They depend upon their community of users to steer the direction of AnyMeeting’s services, and that community continues to grow everyday as they provide more and more features to this free service.

What AnyMeeting Does

If you’re a small business with a small budget, AnyMeeting allows you to host online meetings and webinars absolutely free. While their service is supported by advertising, you can easily have it removed by setting up ticketing for your webinars through PayPal. It supports both PC and Mac operating systems, so anyone can use this free web conferencing service.

Customer Focus

AnyMeeting targets its offerings towards independent business people, small companies, and startups. Their community of users are almost like consultants on AnyMeeting’s products, as the company consistently listens to what their customers have to say about the service before implementing any new features.

Product Key Features

  • Up to 200 Attendees – AnyMeeting allows you to host up to 200 people, so you can put on a presentation for hundreds, or just host a small meeting.
  • Invitations and Custom Registration Forms – Create your own registration forms and email attendees easily.
  • Go Ad-Free with Ticketing – Sell tickets to your webinar with PayPal integration. Attendees can use a credit card or PayPal account, and adding ticketing to your registration forms is a snap too.
  • Screen Sharing – Fast and user friendly, you can easily share your desktop with attendees.
  • Live Video Conferencing – Supporting up to 6 people at once, you can use your webcam to meet online “face-to-face.”
  • Recording – Easily record and share your meetings by just clicking the record button.
  • Data Collection – After your webinars, you can export audience data to analyze their reactions to your presentation.
  • Social Media Integration – Promote your webinar through Twitter and Facebook
  • Application Sharing – Select the application you want your attendees to see, hiding the rest of your desktop (PCs only).
  • Create Custom Surveys – Set up your own polling for webinar attendees.

Bottom Line

AnyMeeting is constantly working on new ways to improve their free services, as demonstrated by their new redesigned user interface and live video conferencing, which they launched in October of 2011. After only two years, this free webinar software has come a long way, and they’re poised to give the big web conferencing companies some genuine competition in the future.