Smartphone and Web Conferencing: A Productive Partnership

The smartphone is fast becoming a daily work tool for people in the office or on the go. The idea of pairing up the smartphone with web conferencing just seems like the next logical idea.

Road warriors, especially those who don’t like lugging around laptops (or anything bulky for the matter), can now drop in on an online meeting through the powerful devices and access many of the tools associated with larger endpoints, like desktops.

Already we can see how this type of use or need for the paired category is maturing. AT&T announced a free mobile conferencing app for the App Store, giving users the ability to view whiteboards and other features like audio setup simplification or the use of notes to chat with one or more fellow participants.

In late April, WebEx introduced an app for Research in Motion’s Blackberry that runs on OS 4.6 and WebEx already supports the iPad – further cementing the growing interest in web conferencing via mobile devices.

We believe Google is also making its way onto the bandwagon after hearing the announcement that Google has agreed to buy Global IP Solutions (GIPS). GIPS specializes in VoIP and video processing and offers mobile voice and video conferencing, among other things. It is a safe bet that mobile conferencing is somewhere in the mix.

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