ReadyTalk Launches Conference Center 3.2

ReadyTalk, a leader in integrated audio and Web conferencing services, announces the launch of its Conference Center 3.2 service. Conference Center is an integral part of ReadyTalkâ??s total Web conferencing solution

Denver, CO (June 16, 2009) –

ReadyTalk, a leader in integrated audio and Web conferencing services, announces the launch of its Conference Center 3.2 service. Conference Center is an integral part of ReadyTalk’s total Web conferencing solution, allowing users to schedule, customize and launch online meetings of any type; from On-Demand meetings to large, high touch events and Webinars. Unlike other solutions in the market, all of the features of Conference Center are included at no additional cost with ReadyTalk Web and audio conferencing services.

With this release, Conference Center supports up to 10,000 email invitations to meet the requirements of the largest web seminars and other high touch events. Undeliverable email notifications enhance the ability for Chairpersons to manage registration and attendance for their scheduled web conferences.

Conference Center 3.2 makes it simple for Chairpersons to invite participants to On-Demand meetings through readily accessible login information that can be included in emails or Outlook Calendar communications. Meeting participants will find it easer to join scheduled meetings through improved content and layout of meeting confirmation and reminder emails.

“The enhancements to Conference Center will allow our customers to conduct their largest Web conferences through our Webinar services offering,” said Scott King, ReadyTalk co-founder and vice president of sales and marketing. “This release continues our emphasis on providing high value services that are flexible and easy to use. Unlike other vendors, we are pleased to be including Conference Center at no extra charge as part of our standard Web conferencing solution.”

To learn more about ReadyTalk and this release, please visit our Conference Center release page.

About ReadyTalk
ReadyTalk has leveraged referrals from delighted customers to become one of North America’s fastest growing audio and web conferencing service providers ( These referrals result from the company’s consistent focus on delivering highly reliable conferencing services that are easily used on any computing platform and backed by outstanding personalized support. Customers use ReadyTalk every day to confidently conduct conferences, training sessions, sales demos and webinars. ReadyTalk has been headquartered in Denver, CO since its founding in 2000. For additional information, please call 800.843.9166 or visit

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About ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk delivers audio and web conferencing services that empower its customers to conduct web seminars, hold training sessions, work remotely and grow their organizations through lead generation and efficient communication. ReadyTalk knows that it takes more than great technology to execute successful online events. Through technology and personal service, ReadyTalk guides its customers through the entire process of conducting a large web seminar. ReadyTalk’s mission is to create solutions that are simple and easy to use so that everyone can participate, regardless of computer savvy, work location or choice of platform.

ReadyTalk was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company works hard to build a community of loyal customers through its passion to create innovative and useful technology and through its sincere commitment to customers’ success. Please call toll free 800.843.9166 or visit for more information.

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