Nefsis Announces Support for AJA Video Systems HD Video Capture Cards

The announcement brings Nefsis business video conferencing to AJA fans, with detailed video input controls for telepresence, telemedicine and other high-quality Nefsis applications

SAN DIEGO (January 28, 2011) – Online video conferencing services innovator Nefsis® today announced product compatibility and API-level support for AJA Video Systems’  KONA HD video capture cards. KONA capture cards have long been a staple in broadcast studio and professional video editing suites. With the Nefsis announcement, a KONA capture card can now be used in Nefsis video conferencing and online meeting applications. In particular, the API-level support provides detailed controls over all aspects of video quality for room-based telepresence, telemedicine, and other Nefsis conferencing applications where image quality is paramount.  

“Nefsis already supports a wide variety of video devices including plug-and-play USB webcams and virtually anything visible via Windows DirectShow. By taking video support to the API-level we expose more exacting controls for those keenly interested in picture quality prior to the encoding process,” said Allen Drennan, Nefsis Chief Technology Officer.

“The KONA is an excellent general purpose capture card with composite, s-video, and HDMI inputs. For us it provides greater control and quality over HD capture, as well as being able to select from multiple inputs such as SDI and even analog based HD capture devices. For the ultimate in power and flexibility, you can capture almost any video stream and use it in a Nefsis online meeting,” added Drennan.

The additional Nefsis support for KONA cards is available now to all Nefsis Professional subscribers at no additional charge. Nefsis is a cloud-based video conferencing online service. Updates to the cloud are managed automatically, there is no customer action required. Interested parties are invited to take a free trial available at the Company’s website.

About Nefsis

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nefsis is a specialist in video conferencing software and online services for business. The Nefsis approach combines cloud computing and multi-core processing to deliver effortless video conferencing to employees, customers and business partners anywhere they have Internet access. Nefsis is especially popular among small-to-medium sized organizations, where its high-quality video, security controls and easy implementation deliver exceptional value.

For more information, please visit or call +1 (858) 715-0970 in the Americas or +44 (0) 870 224 0415 in the UK and Europe.

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