Elluminate Goes Beyond Traditional LMS Integrations to Deliver Live eLearning for Social Networks, Online Learning Communities

Elluminate Bridges Continue to Provide Seamless Access to Real-time Virtual Classroom for Growing List of LMS/CMS Partners

Pleasanton, California (April 08, 2009) –

News Facts:

* Elluminate, Inc. is expanding its role as the leading vendor for live, online communication, collaboration, and education with a growing list of partners that have integrated Elluminate enabling technology not only with traditional LMS/CMS environments but also with social networking and collaborative online communities to augment formal institution-based learning with a learner-centric approach.
* Elluminate Community Partners, including Classroom 2.0, Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC), and the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), have integratedElluminate vRoom(TM) into their online communities, providing thousands of members with access to a virtual meeting room that enables them to expand educational boundaries and interact with more peers and experts.
* Elluminate’s Bright Ideas Partner Program includes strategic, technology, and community partners who have seamlessly integrated the Elluminate Learning Suite(TM) with their offerings, enabling customers to better leverage their technology investments.
* A comprehensive set of APIs and specifications, Elluminate Bridge SDK allows organizations to develop custom integrations for any LMS, CMS, or portal. For example, Promethean Planet online community members can use a virtual classroom, powered by Elluminate, to connect with other teachers and classrooms worldwide.
* Elluminate Bridges provide single-click access to the interactive virtual classroom from within an academic institution’s existing and familiar LMS/CMS environment and enable instructors to add synchronous distance learning and collaboration to course work. Elluminate’s expanding list of traditional integrations includes:
o ANGEL Learning Management Suite
o Blackboard Learning System
o Desire2Learn
o Pearson eCollege Course Management System
o Fourpoint Learning
o Fronter Platform
o Moodle Course Management System
o Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment
o Studywiz
* Elluminate Bridge integrations install into existing environments quickly and securely, enabling instructors to create, schedule, deliver, and archive Elluminate Live! sessions that provide a wide variety of functionality, including voice over the Internet, high-resolution video, shared whiteboard, application and desktop sharing, web tour, breakout rooms, public and private chat, polling and quizzing, closed captioning and other accessibility options, synchronized notes, user profiles, and multimedia content delivery.

Source: Elluminate

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