I’m InTouch Meeting’s Web Conferencing Software in Beta

01 Communique, an all-in-one communications software provider, just released its latest web conferencing tool in beta, I’m InTouch Meeting. This online meeting service allows businesses to conduct meetings and more by subscribing to the InTouch service. The beta is free because 01 Communique wants to try out the product before its official public release.


Companies can conduct meetings with up to 15 attendees, with I’m InTouch Meeting. There are many innovative features of this web conferencing software, including real-time screen sharing where the presenter can show documents or anything on their screen with the meeting attendees. Presenters can even use a virtual white board, which allows them to draw or write words for the attendees to see. Remote printing, file transfers and text chat are a few of the other features of I’m InTouch Meeting. Attendees can download sent files or print anything from the presenter’s whiteboard or shared screen.


I’m InTouch Meeting even offers customizable features. Users can control an attendee’s access rights or assign the mouse or keyboard to attendees. There are also many other administrative tools. Users can even view meeting statistics. There are also scheduling capabilities of I’m InTouch Meeting, as users can schedule multiple meetings at once and invite specific attendees.

Help your employees stay productive by collaborating with their fellow colleagues with I’m InTouch Meeting. I’m InTouch allows users to meet over the internet without being in the same room or even the same country. Stay up to date on projects by continuously collaborating over the internet while sharing business files to keep every employee up to date.


InTouch supports Vista, Windows 7 and XP. I’m InTouch Meeting allows shareable licensing so employees can share a company’s I’m InTouch Meeting licenses. The beta is available as a free trial. Sign up for I’m InTouch Meeting beta on 01 Communique’s website to start web conferencing today.

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