Goodbye to boring 2D, 3D meetings have arrived.

VenueGen, the leader in providing virtual 3D platforms, has announced the launch of their new online meeting product Thunder. Thunder is a web conferencing tool specifically made for businesses to hold meetings, trainings, and events virtually. They have created a low cost product that reduces boring conference calls and eliminates any travel expenses, and is readily available to any organization. Thunder subscriptions cost anywhere from $90 to $900, compare this to the cost of other virtual platforms which can cost anywhere around $10,000 to $250,000+. Not only is VenueGen’s Thunder a cost effective method to online meetings and web conferencing, but it also allows for an unlimited reach.  All you need is a browser and a laptop and within minutes you can meet with anyone in the world.

Thunder also has another added value; the virtual 3D atmosphere creates an experience with a sense of personal presence. The way VenueGen creates this ambiance is by including photorealistic avatars, sensurround voice over IP, streaming video, and shared content with both parties.

There are particular applications of Thunder that will create a large impact with its use. Specifically in the fields of; industry blogs, cause-related organizations, industry trade associations, and companies with cause to promote.  When used in scenarios like the aforementioned, Thunder can play a major role in developing interaction methods.

VenueGen’s Thunder takes online meetings and web conferencing communication to a whole new level. Companies get the ability to connect with their customers in a way previously not possible. It’s as simple as selecting a room, uploading content, and instantly entering a virtual meeting room. Thunder creates a world beyond 2D webinars.

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