Global Crossing Reveals State of the Art Video Conference Suites

Global Crossing, an IP solutions provider, announced the connectivity of 4,000 executive video conferencing suites during the virtual trade show “Collaborate Now!”.

The suites, which are located throughout the world and include over 500 Hi-Def public video conferencing rooms and over 400 courtroom facilities, is made possible by the agreement between Global Crossings and Affinity VideoNet, Inc. Affinity provides Global Crossings with the integration of Teleris’ product portfolio to provide an unrivaled video conferencing experience.

Global Crossing’s video conferencing software combined with Teleris’ complementary solutions will allow businesses to collaborate worldwide without the need for travel.  Debra Swann, Global Crossing’s vice president of marketing, added’ “Through our extended agreement, our customers have access to thousands of public rooms around the world where they can access our award-winning video conferencing services.  Global Crossing’s collaboration solutions bring teams together instantaneously to help keep organizations competitive in a global economy while maximizing efficiencies, controlling costs and improving productivity.”

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