Embeddable Video Conferencing with Paltalk


The video conferencing sphere is getting increasingly competitive. Skype recently added group video chat capabilities to their product and Google has been hinting at a mobile video conferencing option. Lesser known companies are also making a splash in the video conferencing world. Paltalk recently announced that their video conferencing solution is now embeddable.

Paltalk is a VoIP service that gives users video chat capability for free. Users can not only embed video chat rooms to their sites, but also use the widget feature to take a sneak-peek into the chat room.  The video conferencing solution is compatible with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon.

Paltalk’s video conferencing solution supports real-time multi-party communication around blog posts articles and user generated content. Video chat room owners will have full administrative control over their room, as well.

“Consumers increasingly expect to be able to easily interact with and seamlessly share content across the web,” said CEO of Paltalk, Jason Katz. “Paltalk video chat widgets enable bloggers, website authors, and other site owners to easily embed cutting edge video technology into their own sites. This enables the sharing of content across common social networking sites, boosting audience engagement, strengthening audience loyalty and attracting additional site traffic.”

Although Paltalk currently lacks the popularity of other VoIP services, unlike its more famous counterparts, Paltalk is 100% free. It might be a good idea to check out Paltalk for your video chat and video conferencing needs. After all, it’s a low-risk, low-cost solution, that could have a great impact for your website.

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