Dimdim Provides Businesses With Customizable Web Conferencing

Today, Dimdim Inc., a web conference solutions provider, launched Dimdim Business, a collaboration solution designed for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Dimdim’s latest web solution will provide businesses with the tools they need to connect to colleagues or business partners. There are many new exciting and innovative features of Dimdim Business that set it apart from many other web conferencing solutions, such as Cisco WebEx.


Dimdim will offer screen sharing tools that are easy to use and do not require any extra software or Java applet installation. Most impressively, companies can even brand their own web conferencing solution by customizing the room skins, company URL and email templates. Companies can add their trademark, symbols and any colors to modify the web conferencing platform. This enables companies to appear to be more established to their customers.

Dimdim Business was primarily designed for SMBs. Company users can record and embed events for legal or record purposes. Businesses can also view advanced analytics, event reporting and user reports. Companies will be able to understand their customer base better with Dimdim’s comprehensive reports. Users can also build custom API integrations, past registration widgets and more with Dimdim Business. Business users can conference with up to one thousand customers or employees. The host can even see three participants with two way video conferencing. Dimdim Business can also be integrated with media sites, such as Twitter, Fcaebook, Moodle and Zimbra.


Dimdim is very proud and pleased with its latest solution. The CEO of Dimdim, DD Ganguly, commented on the launch of Dimdim Business.  Ganguly said, “Dimdim Business comes at a critical time as more and more businesses look to productivity tools like web conferencing to cut costs while extending real-time collaboration. With its simple, intuitive and comprehensive approach to web conferencing and collaboration, Dimdim Business provides organizations with the tools they need to meet, chat, see and collaborate instantly with customers, partners and associated will be immersed in your brand, messages and look and feel as everyone collaborates.”


Dimdim Business is ideal for any company ranging from small start ups to established enterprises. It is an affordable solution at $33 per user, per month. Read more about Dimdim Business on Dimdim’s website.

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