Dimdim 6.0 Updates Web Conferencing Software

Recently, Dimdim announced updates and added features to their cloud-based web conferencing software. Dimdim 6.0 revamps the old web conferencing features such as the desktop screen sharing, but also adds a new set of collaboration tools to the mix.

The updated screen sharing, MyScreen, is regarded as one of the 6 new and exciting features added to the hosted web conferencing service. MyScreen allows the meeting organizers to share only the portions of their desktop that they select. This is done by moving a customizable pop-up window around the screen to select an area of the desktop for the other participants to view. Additionally, MyScreen permits the meeting organizer to share other applications with the meeting attendees, and adds a full screen video web conferencing feature.

In previous versions of Dimdim, users were only allowed to view one other person in the meeting. The updated version allows for up to four people to be visible and collaborate during the web meeting. Steve Chazin, Dimdim’s Chief Marketing Officer, has noted the document sharing as one of the strongest tools in the updated collaboration features. From Microsoft Word to Powerpoint presentations; Dimdim 6.0 provides users with a secure library to store all documents of any format, and to share those documents with the participants.  Other new features include a polling option to create a poll vote and web content sharing feature to share URL’s with meeting attendees.

A basic version of Dimdim’s web conferencing software is available free of cost for conferences of up to 10 people, but for larger meetings and to use the advanced features businesses must purchase the premium services. Dimdim pro costs $25 per month for up to 50 person web conferences, Dimdim Webinar costs $65 per month for conferences of up to 50 people and events with up to 1,000 participants, and for unlimited meetings of up to 100 people users need to purchase Dimdim Business which costs $33 per user per month.

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