Compunetix Web Conferencing Collaboration Tool

Compunetix Inc, a provider of web conferencing solutions, announced the latest update in CONTEX Presenter. CONTEX Presenter, a web collaboration tool, received feature updates that include single-click dial out, Microsoft Outlook integration with easy web conference scheduling to calendars, and the ability to bill multiple accounts to a single code for improved processing. Presenter already claims to have an unrivaled voice quality, but they have even updated the server to allow for up to 256 clients to participate in a single or multiple web conferences.

The improved performance and productivity features make Presenter an attractive addition to a Collaboration Service Provider’s (CSP) offerings. Presenter still maintains all of the traditional elements of a data collaboration solution, but enhances the experience with added flexibility that enables easy customization to give each user a unique individual experience of the web conference tool.

Director of Software Engineering, Benjamin Krokowsky, attributed CONTEX Presenter as being the ideal web conference tool. He said, “Presenter is the natural choice for CSP customers wanting to offer Web collaboration on CONTEX media platforms- the tight integration, impeccable quality, and intuitive features make Web conferencing easy for end users. Our products are designed to tightly interface with the industry’s best voice conferencing platform, ensuring increased productivity for end users and better business for CSPs.”

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