Citrix Web Conferencing Solution is Ranked High in Overall User Experience

Citrix, the online web conferencing software vendor, has been rated one of top solutions in terms of overall user experience. As businesses have come to recognize the value of online meetings, web and video conferencing vendors have been battling it out to be the web conferencing solution of choice. Other popular and highly ranked solutions include GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. According to “Web Metrics First Half 2010 Survey”, Citrix, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar are the solutions to beat, based on user-friendliness, cost, overall performance and ability to host ad hoc meetings.

The survey was conducted by Wainhouse Research, who gathered data from various businesses of all sizes and across a number of segments.

The survey concluded that online web conferencing vendor, Citrix, offers users a high value proposition. The service comes at a low cost and offers a suite of collaborative tools. “Continuing with its current strategy of regular product improvements and enhancements, service bundles that create greater client value at low incremental costs and continued campaigns for greater awareness, Wainhouse Research believes that Citrix will drive deeper into global markets and create a ‘Google-like’ phenomenon for accessible, low cost collaboration services.”

The research firm goes onto explain that: “We expect the North America market for conferencing and collaboration services to reach approximately $5.5B by 2014,” said Partner at Wainhouse, Mark Beattie. “Based on these two recent reports, Citrix Online is well placed to capitalize on that industry growth with its web collaboration suite and to continue to score highly in key attributes that customers care about.”

“Customers have driven our success. The findings in these reports prove that our dedicated focus on simplicity, value and a great user experience is what our customers want in their web collaboration services,” says  Citrix GM, Brett Caine. “We’re confident our approach will continue to enable our customers to succeed while benefitting from our ‘simpler is better’ approach to collaboration. We will naturally benefit from this with continued growth and leadership over the long term.”

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