Cisco Webex for Smart Phones

The mobile sphere has been a competitive one for software developers. It is important for software vendors to understand the value of being able to access software anytime, anywhere. Smart phones are rapidly increasing in popularity and it is wise for software vendors in every segment to leverage this trend and create products that move with society.

Cisco Webex has done exactly that, and launched a web conferencing service for smart phones. Cisco is a communications software vendor that has a real-time sharing platform called Webex. Cisco Webex gives users the ability to share ideas with anyone, anywhere and helps eliminate the expensive need to travel and meet on site.

Cisco Webex’s web conferencing software has been updated to work on smart phones including: BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Storm from RIM, Nokia N97, Nokia Eseries, Nokia Nseries and the Samsung Blackjack II.

Cisco Webex web conferencing software helps facilitate communications between remote parties. There are several productivity and financial benefits to using web conferencing software. With Webex’s smart phone update, web conferencing just became even easier. Users launch Cisco Webex Meeting Center through a browser on their compatible smart phone.

Cisco Webex web conferencing software for smart phones is available through devices with 3G and a combination of 2G and Wi-Fi. Not only can users access Webex from any location on their smart phones, but they can also view presentations, applications, and desktops with live annotations. Users can attend Webex web conference meetings at no cost. However to schedule and host a meeting from a computer, users must have a host account on Cisco WebEx Meeting Center.

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