Winvale Adds Web Conferencing Solutions to GSA

Winvale has entered into a partnership with VIA3 to bring its’ FIPS encrypted Video and Web Conferencing Solutions to the public sector through their GSA Information Technology Schedule.

Winvale is located in the heart of Washington, DC and is one of the nation’s fastest growing information technology solution providers in the United States. They were recently voted as one of the “Top 100 Companies in Washington DC” by Inc. magazine.

Winvale Managing Partner, Kevin Lancaster, says they strongly believe in partnering with best in class technology manufacturers to help solve the public sector’s mission critical challenges.

Lancaster says they selected VIA3 because it is the only software based FIPS 140-2 web collaboration and video conferencing solution on the market today and that by leveraging their knowledge and understanding of the public sector, VIA3 will be able to reach those federal, state, and local government agencies that can readily benefit from their solutions.

Brian Hodges, VIA3 CEO, says they look forward to building a productive relationship between the two firms which will help organizations in the public sector achieve their compliance and operational objectives.

Hodges believes when you combine VIA3’s uniquely secure, feature rich, and affordable solution with Winvales’ deep government experience you will have a winning combination.

VIA3, Inc. provides new and powerful web conferencing tools and services that enable its clients to leverage the power of the Internet to their distinct advantage. This service provides professionals and businesses the ability to reduce travel expenses and reduce overall communication expenses, while improving productivity and profitability.

They achieve this by combining a superior Audio and Video Conferencing Solution with real-time document and presentation sharing, presence detection with Instant Messaging, group chat, workspaces, voting and polling and more.

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