What to Look for When Purchasing Web Conferencing Software

We frequently hear people mention how technology is “making the world a smaller place” each day. Web conferencing takes this expression to a whole new level. A functional and cost-effective solution, web conferencing allows employees of global enterprises from all over the world to hold and participate in meetings, stage presentations, product demonstrations, and interact in real time. Web conferencing is a breakthrough in both technology and communications. Web conferencing allows for higher employee efficiency through global expansion, and contributes to providing greater diversity among employees within companies.

Why use Web Conferencing?

One of the major advantages of web conferencing is saving on travel expenses. Companies can cut major costs on flight tickets, hotel stays, etc. By using web conferencing, companies can also save on material expenses; these are the cost of items that need to be purchased for meeting materials, conference rooms, etc.

What to Look for in Web Conferencing Software

There are a few basics that your company should look for when purchasing web conferencing software.

  1. Video/Webcam Features: Look for web conferencing features that will allow your company to present and demonstrate materials as though it is a meeting that everyone is physically present for. A good tool is the whiteboard; this allows presenters to draw and highlight images on a white screen, and also allows participants to comment and interact.
  2. Security Features: Make sure that the web conferencing software your company uses offers user registration and authentication security, and end-to-end encryption while remaining firewall- friendly.
  3. Help & Support: Since web conferencing can be complicated, make sure that the web conferencing service your company uses provides help and technical support and resources at all times.
  4. Easy-to-Use: Web conferencing software and services offer many different benefits and services. It is hard to choose the right one for your company. Whichever web conferencing software you choose to use, make sure it is straightforward, intuitive and provides clear instructions. You do not want to waste your time with technical difficulties.
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