Web Conferencing Alternatives from Nefsis Eliminates Winter Weather Hazards

With the winter weather months in full swing, there are a number of companies operating in locations where hazards in the weather can prevent an individual from making it into work. When this happens, web conferencing solutions can provide employees with the tools they need to get the job done, regardless of the weather.

One web conferencing services provider leveraging its solution as an alternative to winter weather hazards is Nefsis. The company claims that its web conferencing technology alternatives to business travel are increasingly selected by small businesses and home office entrepreneurs as a way to ensure business continuity whenever the weather or other travel closures may inhibit collaboration or business as usual.

The eastern portion of the United States is currently experiencing a blizzard that is causing a number of companies to shut down. Clouds of volcanic ash not long ago disrupted air travel and grounded many a business professional with places to go. Such natural occurrences can disrupt the normal flow of business. And, while you can’t eliminate natural risks, you can ensure your business can continue as usual no matter the weather.

With cloud-based video and web conferencing services from Nefsis, users can launch the application and start connecting to the world in just a few minutes. The solution offers built-in security and web collaboration to ensure all web conferencing sessions are completely protected, while high quality video content guarantees the experience is optimal for all involved.

Tom Toperczer, vice president of marketing for Nefsis, noted that during times of bad weather, a business can come to a complete halt if a business continuity plan is not in place. Online services offer the fundamental advantages of web conferencing, such as easy activation, and reach to virtually any business desktop. New users are up and running almost instantly to ensure no time is lost, just because the roads – or the skies – became impassable.

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