Zoho Meeting Review

Founded in 1996, Zoho.com provides companies with a number of applications geared towards a diverse range of businesses. Zoho understands the hard work necessary to earn the business of its customers. Zoho has launched a number of different online applications that have received numerous awards and continues to improve upon existing and creating new products in order to provide value and run the business processes for its many customers.

Ease of Use:
Zoho provides all the tools necessary to make sure you are comfortable using Zoho Meeting. Demo videos are available and a personalized demo can be requested. A screenshots tour is also available to ensure that you are completely ready to get started. Zoho provides all the resources to ensure that Zoho Meeting is easy to use and quick to pick up.

Zoho Meeting provides you with all the tools necessary to effectively host online meetings for your audience. Key features of Zoho Meeting include:
• Desktop Meeting Plugin
• Meeting Embedding
• Meet Now
• Presenter Switching
• Meeting Add-ons
• Multiple Meeting Viewers
• Integration with other Zoho services

Zoho offers a number of different monthly pricing plans for both individual and corporate clients. Zoho is offered for free for one participant and limited features. However, monthly plans start at $12 per month for 5 participants and range up to $24 per month for up to 25 participants.

Annual pricing plans are also available for corporate clients starting at $230 per year for a savings of 20%!!

Zoho offers a number of resources to ensure you are fully prepared and capable of using Zoho Meeting to its maximum potential. Zoho’s Meeting Resource Center includes demo videos, a meeting wiki page, forums, and meeting blogs. These resources provide proactive users the necessary tools necessary to troubleshoot issues on their own.

In addition to these self serve resources, Zoho also has support personnel that can be contacted through both email and telephone.

Zoho’s web conferencing application, Zoho Meeting, provides users with a quick and easy way to conduct web meetings. Easily meet with colleagues or conduct online demonstrations with prospective customers. Troubleshoot client issues easily. With Zoho Meeting, it is extremely easy to perform all these functions and more! Check out Zoho Meeting today for an extremely easy to use and affordable web conferencing solution.