Yuuguu Review

About Yuuguu

Yuuguu is the Japanese word for fusion and it is a perfect fit for their products. Yuuguu was founded by Anish Kapoor because he was frustrated by the fact that he could not see the person face to face that he was working with. Yuuguu was created to “fuse” these business relationships together via the internet and make working from worlds apart a little more pleasant.

The easy to install system by Yuuguu makes their products very popular in the business world. Bringing people together to share thoughts and ideas in real time makes it a great asset to any size company in any industry. With excellent leadership in the Yuuguu company they are sure to produce excellent software packages and products.

What Yuuguu Web Conferencing Packages Can Do

A seven day free trial comes with the web conferencing package from Yuuguu. This gives customers a chance to try out the package before purchasing to make sure that it is a perfect fit. A web browser and an internet connection are all that is needed which makes it more cost effective and efficient. Any number of people can share the things that are right on their computer screen with each other to make real time decisions easier than ever before.

Satisfied Customers

IBM, NHS, Accenture, liveops, The Linux Foundation, abc, Cadbury, Berkeley

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Yuuguu focuses solely on web conferencing packages. They strive to make their products efficient and easy to use so that their customers will build long lasting business relationships with their company.

Product Key Features

  • Ability to show others exactly what is on your computer screen at any time
  • Online meetings are easy to use and set up
  • Online training sessions can be held without having people leave their offices
  • Product demonstrations can be done due to the real time factor
  • Integrated audio conferencing is available
  • Up to thirty participants per web conferencing session
  • Built-in collaboration features are offered with every package

Yuuguu Web Conferencing Technology

The web conferencing packages by Yuuguu is available to anyone with a browser and an internet connection. Because there are no software installations that need to be done or any additional hardware that must be purchased this makes it a very cost effective choice for companies of all sizes. Day passes are available for $8.00, monthly passes are available for $19.00 and yearly passes are available for $79.00. This gives customers multiple choices so that they can decide exactly which plan would suit their company the best.

Bottom Line

Yuuguu has created excellent web conferencing packages that will fit the needs of any type of company. The different pricing plans and options allow customers to decide which fits their needs best by basing their decision on how much they feel their company will use the web conferencing solution.

The feature rich packages allow users to be able to handle a multitude of different tasks right from the comfort of their office. Holding meetings has never been easier; whether employees are in the same room, same building or the same country, everything will be in real time to help make business decision better and more accurate.