Webex Review

Cisco WebEx is the market leader in web collaboration – with over 4.7 million registered hosts worldwide and meeting participants from 229 countries. WebEx web conferencing applications enable organizations of all sizes to collaborate and easily meet over the web from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Whether you are holding a general meeting, sales meeting, orchestrating large online events, running marketing campaigns, delivering interactive training, collaborating with remote colleagues or providing live technical support, WebEx has the right web conferencing solution to meet your needs. WebEx solutions help increase productivity, accelerate growth, enable faster decision-making and make it easier for global employees and virtual teams to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Ease of Use:

WebEx web conferencing is exceptionally user-friendly. With a few clicks of the mouse, a user can start or join a meeting. The intuitive user interface allows you to deliver presentations, share applications, update spreadsheets and share anything on your screen with remote colleagues or virtual project teams. Meet online with customers, partners and suppliers as easily as if you were face-to-face. Schedule meetings in advance or start an instant online meeting and invite people to join you by email, text message or an IM. Participants can easily join a meeting from a multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix or Solaris or from their mobile device.

Software as a Service

WebEx solutions are delivered as a service over the web. The applications are hosted, maintained, upgraded and supported by Cisco WebEx on its own infrastructure—all you need to access them is a computer or a mobile device, a browser and an internet connection. With SaaS you can build a full-scale collaboration strategy with minimal IT investment, maximizing ROI and lowering the cost of ownership. Cisco WebEx can accommodate the needs of any size company by instantly scaling to multiple sites and large numbers of users.

Web Conferencing Features:

  • Document, Application, and Desktop Sharing. Show documents, applications and your desktop to remote attendees in real time. Pass control to attendees so they can share their desktops or annotate yours.
  • Rich Multimedia Experience. Engage your audience by incorporating PowerPoint, Flash animations, and audio and video in your presentations.
  • Integrated Audio and VoIP. Offer a rich meeting experience with Cisco WebEx integrated audio. Choose toll or toll-free with call-in or call-back. Or give attendees the option to join using integrated VoIP on their computers.
  • High Quality Video Conferencing. Give your attendees a real-time visual reference using high quality video.
  • Meeting Recording, Editing and Playback. Record meetings and applications for future reference, training or demos.
  • Polls and Surveys. Measure session effectiveness and gather feedback for future sessions.
  • Desktop Integration Suite. Initiate meetings instantly from Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and a variety of instant messaging solutions, including Cisco WebEx Connect.
  • Easy Meeting Invites. Send meeting invitations and reminders using an automated phone call, text message, email from your local client or IM, including Cisco WebEx Connect and other instant messengers.
  • Breakout Sessions to promote active learning
  • Boost interaction with threaded Q&A showing questions and related responses.
  • Assess comprehension, measure proficiency and share correct answers within a session. Use web-based test libraries for pre- and post-session training.
  • Automate registrant approval and customize the filters for attendance control.
  • Create reports on registration and attendance, and identify your most effective sources for event registration.
  • Engage multiple panelists and remote presenters from anywhere. Provide private practice rooms.
  • View and control desktops for instantaneous support and decrease time to resolution.
  • Transfer files to install patches and instantly drag-and-drop with ease.


Speed and Reliability:

Cisco WebEx has a unique technological advantage–a highly reliable, available and scalable platform purpose-built to support live web communication and collaboration. The Cisco Collaboration Cloud is designed to be scalable beyond even the highest anticipated user load. Cisco continuously adds hardware, bandwidth and data centers to ensure that the Collaboration Cloud can handle peak loads.

Cisco WebEx Pricing:

Cisco WebEx offers several pricing packages designed to accommodate every company’s business needs. WebEx products are also included into Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing and Cisco Global Price List to simplify procurement for companies who are buying WebEx services in conjunction with other Cisco solutions.


Multiple support options are available to Cisco WebEx customers, including online and local-language phone support, online training courses, knowledge base, as well as specialized implementation, assistance and adoption services.

Bottom Line:

Cisco WebEx web conferencing applications enable organizations of all sizes to collaborate and meet over the web from anywhere, anytime, on any device. WebEx web conferencing applications offer a comprehensive suite of industry leading Software-as-a-Service solution tailored to specific business processes–general meetings, sales, training, marketing and support—that are securely delivered through the Cisco Collaboration Cloud. Manage highly collaborative business processes using media-rich web based meetings that minimize travel costs, increase productivity and accelerate growth.