Vox Review

About Vox

Headquarterd in San Francisco Bay, Vox Network Solutions is known as the leading provider of converged voice and data solutions and services. All services are designed to implement, enable and support effective, performance-enhancing business communications capabilities.

What Vox Web Conferencing Can Do

Vox has the most innovative technology and works together with numerous vendors to put it all together. They have created unified communications to collaborate and communicate with speed, simplicity and quality with a networked eBusiness infrastructure. With data networking, there is an increased demand on network resources that require more robust applications and less complexity. Vox also allows you to collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers around the globe at a second’s notice. This allows you to save on travel fees and meet with your prospects at your fingertips.

Satisfied Customers

Vox has satisfied customers all over the globe, including Savvis, Technology Credit Union, Altera, Gyro HSR, and many others.

Web Conferencing Product(s)

Vox focuses on cutting-edge web conferencing products to meet a vast array of needs at a moment’s notice.

Product Key Features

  • Unified communications
  • Data networking
  • Video collaboration
  • Data center

Vox Web Conferencing Technology

Vox’s end-to-end data center solutions cover hardware, software, service and ongoing support. Their data center solutions can help you increase efficiency and profitability by reducing capital, operating expenses and complexity. Vox data team can deliver innovative technology systems that can be adapted and personalized to meet your data needs.

Bottom Line

With Vox, you gain immediate access to a nationwide team of technical leaders and support specialists, as well as numerous education resources designed to support any agenda, anywhere. They are constantly improving technology, tools, skills and processes to ensure their customers get the highest level of support. Vox knows the success of your business ensures the success of their business.