VIA3 Review

About VIA3

VIA3 was founded in 1999 and has offices in Scottsdale, AZ and Redmond, WA. Their software was designed to provide its users with private communication via the internet. They offer multiple layers of security so that their users never have to worry about their information being put out to the public.

Instant messaging, real time video and audio feed as well as a comprehensive web based work space are all features that are offered with the VIA3 software. Their mission is to make their customers feel like they are face to face when using their product.

What VIA3 Web Conferencing Software Can Do

For VIA3, company success depends on company interaction, they have created software that will allow companies the ability to hold online meetings with ease. With their web conferencing software customers can meet any time online and hold meetings when it is convenient. This eliminates the wasted time and the many emails and telephone calls that take place on a daily basis.

Satisfied Customers

Winale, Technology Solutions Provider Inc.

Web Conferencing Software Product(s)

  • VIA3

Product Key Features

  • Audio & Video Capabilities
  • Capable of Instant Messaging
  • Power Point Presentations can be handled and displayed
  • Whiteboard capable for easier illustrations
  • Desktop sharing is possible with the software
  • Polls can be conducted within meeting attendees
  • Recording of meetings is possible for future reference

VIA3 Web Conferencing Software Technology

VIA3’s Web Conferencing Software is available through the internet and has the capabilities of being downloaded directly to a PC. There are installation guides available to make the entire process easier. All of this can be obtained for just $29 per month.

Bottom Line

VIA3 offers a very feature rich Web Conferencing Software that customers love. They have worked for many years to make sure that their software was top of the line. They have a large array of features and tools that help make their software stand out from the rest. Customer service and support staff is ready and willing to handle any questions or issues that may arise. They have also provided a training guide to help with the installation process.

No matter what type of company is looking at downloading the software, VIA3 has something for everyone. Their state of the art software technology allows for many different things to be handled and managed through one single interface. This is a great asset to a company who wants to streamline processes as well as save a dollar. Watching the online demonstration is a great place to start. This demonstration will help buyers know exactly what they are getting.