Saba Centra Review

Founded in 1997, Saba is the global leader of HCM solutions. With millions of users worldwide in over one thousand organizations, Saba is committed to the success of its customers. Saba provides a number of services to help customers successfully utilize Saba services effectively to maximize the benefit derived from their solutions. Saba provides a number of popular people management products including learning management, performance management, and talent management solutions.

Ease of Use:
Saba Centra has the capabilites to effectively host both Web Meetings and Online classrooms. Saba Centra integrates voice, video, and data in order to provide a structured learning environment for its users. Its scalable architecture and intuitive interface makes it easy to set up and conduct your web-teaching sessions.

In addition, workflow management and event management features help you effectively prepare and conduct an online class or meeting, allowing you to focus on providing a quality learning experience for your participants. Saba Centra makes it easy for people to interact from anywhere around the globe effectively and hassle free.

Saba Centra has a comprehensive set of features to enrich your online classroom/web conferencing experience. Key features include:
• VOIP Integration
• Intuitive Classroom/Meeting Interfaces
• Interactivity Tools – Polls, Chats, Surveys, etc.
• Attendance and enrollment data
• Recording Storage/Management
• Application Integration
• Reporting Automation

A free 30 day trial is available for Saba Centra.

Saba Centra for eMeetings is offered for as low as $59/month for up to 25 participants.

Contact a Saba Sales Representative for more detailed pricing information regarding Saba Centra for eMeetings and Saba Centra Suite.

Saba’s customer support portal found on their website provides high level customer support for its Centra customers. Saba’s commitment to customer care provides benefits that extend beyond traditional customer support offered by other companies. In addition, Saba offers its customers access to a personal account management team as well as customer communities.

Saba’s support team is staffed with experts with the knowledge to keep your solutions running. Saba’s support teams are found in a number of different companies with telephone support available on a 24/7 basis in different languages. Saba tries to maintain a quick response rate to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, a comprehensive knowledgebase is found on their website, filled with complete information on all Saba’s products and solutions to many common problems.

Saba Centra Suite is a great way for companies to manage and run their online web meetings/classrooms. With Saba Centra, users can confidently and securely run their meetings knowing that they have support personnel ready to assist them immediately. With Saba Centra, customers enjoy a top of the line conferencing solution backed by top of the line customer support. This effective combination keeps both customers and Saba happy by encouraging customer loyalty.