RHUB Review

About RHUB

RHUB which stands for Real-Time Collaboration HUB, is a software provider for web conferencing software. With over 1,000,000 users today they must be doing something right with their products. Founded in 2005 by Larry Dorie and Dr. John Mao they originally marketed their software to address firewall issues only. After several trial and error sessions they conquered this task and moved on to web conferencing software.

In 2008, they started offering their free integrated audio conferencing services and just never quit! They now offer their web conferencing software to millions of users daily who have found a newly restored faith in the world of web conferencing. Based in San Jose, California they market their product to business of all sectors all over the world.

What RHUB Web Conferencing Software Can Do

RHUB created their Web Conferencing Software with their customers in mind. They wanted to be sure they could offer a product that was easy to use but still upheld the same quality as all of their previous software products. Once they mastered the quality of the product they moved on to the security of it. All of RHUB software is extremely secure, so that its users will never have to worry about being hacked.

Happy Customers

Duke & Duke CPA., Networklogistics Inc., Nova Tool & Mold, Sento Corporation, Fleet Pride, Persyst Development Corporation, Platinum DB Consulting, Breveon, Altos Solutions, Ottman Services LLC., Axceleon Inc., Nova Scotia Justice Department, HITACHI, BOEING, State of Illinois, Sandia National Laboratories, Ball, Arizona State University, United Physicians, TIMES NEWS

Web Conferencing Software Product(s)

  • Turbo-Meeting
  • TurboSupport

Product Key Features

  • Sales meetings and product demonstrations
  • Online seminars can be held
  • Remote access available from any PC
  • PC or MAC customers can be remotely supported

RHUB Web Conferencing Software Technology

RHUB offers their Web Conferencing Software through the internet. Depending on what position one takes in the conference will depend on what is supported through the software.

  • Presenter: Windown 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008, Windows7, Mac 10.4 and above
  • Interactive Viewers: Same as the Presenter
  • View-only Viewers: Any platform will work

Bottom Line

RHUB created web conferencing software to meet the needs of their customers. With their extensive satisfied customer list it appears they have done something right along the way. Knowing that a web conferencing call is secure and in real time are probably the two most important aspects of the conference.

With all of the additional features that are offered to the software, it is worth the time to do some checking to see what features look the most appealing. After all, when trying to help a company to grow, the more tools the better.