omNovia Review

Founded in 2003, omNovia set out to provider companies with faster and more secure communication platforms. omNovia has become a leading provider of web conferencing solutions due to their commitment to quality and the dedication to their customers. omNovia serves companies worldwide and continues to strive to improve upon its existing solutions in order to provide faster and easier to use solutions for its customers.

Ease of Use:
omNovia is fully customizable, making it easy to tailor the solution to your needs. By providing you with the APIs to customize all aspects of the conferencing experience, you can truly create a completely unique experience for your participants.

A number of features make omNovia web conferencing easy to use. There is no cumbersome software installation so your participants can quickly join in your conferences with a simple web browser. omNovia makes it easy to quickly share images and files while also providing easy to use room management features. Integrated voice also makes it quick and easy to communicate with your attendees to ensure that you have full control over all aspects of your web conference.

omNovia provides you with all the features necessary to successfully run and manage a smooth web conference. Key features of omNovia web conferencing also include room management and system integrations.
Features include:
• Real-Time Screen and Application Sharing Slide Show Module
• Slide Show Module
• Movie and Flash Player
• Instant Poll & Survey
• Conference Voice and Image Recording
• Streaming Audio
• Advertising Banner

Room Management Features include:
• Room Configuration
• Event Manger/Registration
• Archive and User Management

System Integration Features include:
• Website Integration
• Event Manager and Reporting API
• omNovia SCRobot

Security and Reliability:
omNovia is one of the most secure web conferencing solutions available. The entire omNovia web conferencing system was built with security in mind to provide the highest level of security possible. This allows customers to rest easy knowing that their information is kept confidential and secure.

omNovia is 100% reliable. Its redundant load based architecture ensures reliability. If the server you’re hosting your web conference goes down, another server will automatically take over to ensure your web conference can proceed smoothly and problem-free!

omNovia is priced in a variety of pay plans to best suit the needs of your company. Its most popular pay plan starts at 49$ month for 25 users and unlimited usage. Additional addons and users can be added on for an additional fee.

omNovia also offers other usage plans including a 10 or 25 hour plan which provides limited usage of omNovia services at a reduced cost. Pay per minute plans are also available where charges are accrued based on number of users and minutes used. Contact omNovia for more detailed pricing information.

omNovia provides comprehensive support services to assist you with all your web conferencing needs. Rather than leaving you and your attendees to handle any issues that arise on your own, omNovia has a technical support department that handles these issues for you. Rest assured knowing that all your questions or technical issues will be quickly handled and answered by qualified professionals.

omNovia’s support center is also found on their website where users can easily contact to support personnel by submitting a ticket. A comprehensive and organized knowledgebase is also available for those users who want to troubleshoot their own problems.

With omNovia web conferencing, you can significantly improve communication within your company at a reduced cost. With omNovia, companies can easily collaborate more effectively with high quality video and many other easy to use features. Companies worldwide rely on omNovia for their reliable and easy to use web conferencing solutions to create and conduct powerful web presentations to prospects worldwide.