Netviewer Review

Netviewer aims to make visual communication over the internet available to all users. In providing secure and intuitive solutions, users of all skill levels have benefitted from Netviewer Web Conferencing Software. With thousands of companies in countries all over the world, Netviewer has been successful in fitting the needs of organizations of all types and all sizes.

Ease of Use:
Netviewer Meet is one of the most intuitive solutions available. Netviewer makes it easy to catch on to its popular web conferencing solution. Use Netviewer Meet before you acquire it! With a free trial available on its website, get ahead of the game by familiarizing yourself with the platform prior to acquisition.

A number of brochures and user manuals are available on their website providing you all the information you need to maximize the benefit you get from using Netviewer Meet. A demo of Netviewer Meet is also available to help you quickly pick up on all the intricacies of this popular web conferencing program.

Netviewer Meet Software is packed with features to help facilitate your web conferencing needs. Features/functions include:
• Desktop Sharing
• Remote Control
• Chat/VOIP
• Audio Conferencing
• Profile Manager
• Session Planner with E-mail Invitation
• Session Recording
• Event/Full Screen/Theatre Modes
• Shortcut Support

Security and Reliability:
Netviewer takes security very seriously by upholding to the strictest security standards at the architecture, application, and data levels to ensure their customer data is kept safe. Over 400 banks and savings institutions as well as major governmental institutions believe in Netviewer’s security. OPDV approval and a security certificate from Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology help show that Netviewer holds itself to the highest standards when it comes to security and safeguarding customer information.

Netviewer offers both a free and paid business version of its popular Netviewer Meet solution.

Netviewer’s non-commercial use free edition can be downloaded for no charge directly off their website.

Netviewer’s business edition is available for a monthly fee of € 49.90. Discounts and rebates may be available for users who sign up for multiple licenses.

Netviewer’s support team is available Monday to Friday for any issues you may have with Netviewer. Get your questions quickly answered by the experts. Although Netviewer does invite both users and non-users of Netviewer solutions to call for support, priority support is given to users with a service contract.

To facilitate its global customer base, multilingual support is also available. Individual consultation services also make support a more personalized experience, enabling customers to get specific questions answered.

The support team can be reached by filling out a form on their website and a Netviewer support team member will quickly respond to your inquiry.

Netviewer is amongst the worldwide leaders in providing web conferencing software. It’s easy to use and intuitive interface is popular amongst users from different backgrounds. With over 15,000 customers in 50+ countries, Netviewer has a proven track record of providing quality web conferencing solutions with top notch support. Try Netviewer Meet for free today by downloading the free version of their popular Netviewer Meet Solution.