Nefsis Review

About Nefsis

Nefsis prides themselves on being the next generation of conferencing software. They are backed by WiredRed Corporation and have thousands of customers worldwide. They have had over a decade to perfect their software and their customers believe in the job they do.

Their real time communications offer their customers the most innovative software possible. They pride themselves on customer service as well as their products. They continually work to make sure their software products are innovative and user friendly which is why their customers have been with them for such a great length of time.

What Nefsis Web Conferencing Software Can Do

Nefsis offers a Web Conferencing Software that can handle multiple tasks while still remaining secure for its users. Their software can be used anytime anywhere so it will fit the needs of all of their customers. Nefsis maximized the power of their video conferencing software by ensuring that the solution was compatible with several cameras and hardware equipment.

Happy Customers

Structural Group, District Court,, PowerGirls Ltd., Saros Research Ltd., NOAA, Portland Community College, The Marketing Group, Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, Fanshaw College, Utah Department of Natural Resources, Hawaii Pacific University, Interfaceware, Pulse Inc., SMI Group, Kent College Pembury

Web Conferencing Software Product(s)

  • nefsis Basic
  • nefsis Professional
  • nefsis Professional: Dedicated Server

Product Key Features

  • Easy share menu available to make the system more user friendly
  • Document and PowerPoint sharing allows for more efficient web conferences
  • Desktop sharing with live annotations
  • Application sharing with authorized remote control
  • Whiteboard for easier presentations
  • Text conferencing for easier and more efficient use
  • File transfers allow for greater flexibility
  • Record and playback meetings for future reference
  • Host and online meeting controls allow for a leader in all meetings
  • Secure conferencing site complete with password and encryption

Nefsis Web Conferencing Software Technology

Nefsis offers their Web Conferencing Software packages to anyone who has an internet connection on a cloud platform. This helps them maintain their secure connection as well as the flexibility that their customers are looking for.

Bottom Line

Nefsis has worked for years to ensure that their software is state of the art and user friendly. Because they pride themselves in their work it is no wonder they have such an extensive list of satisfied customers who are pleased with the products they provide.

With all of the features that their Web Conferencing Software has to offer, it is easy to see why they remain a leader in the software industry. The company’s feature rich software makes for more efficient web conferences and gives users the peace of mind in knowing that their conferences are secure. The ability to play back and record conferences is also a great feature in case there is an employee who cannot attend a meeting.