Mikogo Review

About Mikogo

Mikogo was founded in Germany in 2004 by Erik Boos and Mark Zondler. Their goal was to provide innovative online meeting solutions. Companies of all sizes have taken advantage of their software products; especially those on the global level. They have been able to reap the benefits of reduced expenses and travel time.

With over two thousand current customers, Mikogo has done something right over the years to obtain and maintain their customers. They have won many awards for their innovative software and look to constantly address the changes in today’s dynamic market.

What Mikogo Web Conferencing Software Can Do

Mikogo offers their Web Conferencing Software free to companies who wish to host online meetings, training sessions, and much more. Product demonstrations, online support systems and even business collaboration meetings are all done with ease using Mikogo’s software. Professional, business or academic uses are all understood with the software and it holds great benefits for all of these areas.

Happy Customers

Steelbro Group, Bolero Innovations, Offixo Germany, kRemtronicz, Beat the Brochure, Proof Positive, EZregister, Business Systems Group, Indicator Warehouse

Web Conferencing Product(s)

  • Mikogo

Product Key Features

  • Online meetings and web conferences are simple to attend and create
  • Product and web presentations are held just like if they were face to face
  • Remote support is available for any issues that may arise
  • Webinars have never been easier than with this software
  • Screen sharing is available to make meetings and conferences more efficient

Mikogo Web Conferencing Software Technology

Mikogo’s Web Conferencing Software is completely downloadable to a desktop or any mobile device. This makes for great abilities when it comes to customizing the product to make it fit the exact needs of the customers. No matter what type of computer device is being used, the benefits are still the same. The best part is the software downloads are free of charge!

Bottom Line

Mikogo has worked hard over the years to make its Web Conferencing Software a leader. They strive for excellence not only with their software but also with customer service and satisfactions. This is one reason why Mikogo focuses solely on this area; they feel that the more attention they can give their product the better it will become.

There are so many great benefits to the Mikogo software that it would be nearly impossible to name them all. Among the top benefits however is the ability for a business owner to save money in travel expenses. This software, since it is fully downloadable, can be used across the globe by customers anywhere. This is a great asset for large scale companies who have offices all over the globe.