MegaMeeting Review

About MegaMeeting

MegaMeeting is an easy to use and affordable alternative to face to face meetings. With the use of an internet browser people can log onto meetings regardless of their location. All of the software is protected by a firewall to ensure the security of meetings and conferences. Voice, instant messaging and chat are also features supported by MegaMeeting Software.

Educational, social and religious groups have all found use for the MegaMeeting software. Webinar hosting features are also being used to hold conferences, meetings, seminars and training sessions. Product demonstrations can be held during a web conference as well as video sharing and much more.

What MegaMeeting Web Conferencing Software Can Do

MegaMeeting Web Conferencing Software provides the flexibility to customers so that all of their needs can be met with one simple solution. The convenience and ease of use are both something that the customers have raved about since the product was released. There are no downloads to be concerned with which means no hidden costs to the users.

Satisfied Customers

E-Class Solutions Inc., Kennec Inc., Rexair Inc., R&M Enterprises, Rabbinical Services Center of America, The Family Centre,, Steel Encounters Inc.

Web Conferencing Software Product(s)

  • MegaMeeting

Product Key Features

  • One live video stream per meeting
  • Training is offered with each software purchase
  • There are no long term contracts to sign
  • Email or direct links will get users into a webinar
  • Secure conferencing
  • Suitable for multiple platforms for more flexibility
  • Video conferencing is available
  • Public and private text chatting is offered
  • Excellent customer service and 24/7 support
  • PowerPoints and Websites can be shared through online meetings
  • Application and Desktop sharing is available

MegaMeeting Web Conferencing Software Technology

MegaMeeting Web Conferencing Software is one hundred percent browser based so that there are never any downloads to worry about. With an internet connection and a browser the system can be set up and ready to use. Depending on the size of the account, the software will also host multiple users at one time.

Bottom Line

MegaMeeting has an excellent software system that anyone is sure to love once they have tried it. By logging on to their website, demonstrations can be used and the ability to chat with their customer service department is there as well. This is a great thing because all questions that a buyer may have can be answered in that one simple step.

No matter what size of company or what kind of company is looking into new web conferencing software, MegaMeeting has something for everyone. With their different software packages, things can be customized to fit the needs of each individual company that wants to use their product. They have worked long and hard to make a name for themselves in the software industry and many users have already found that out.